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Some pre-ordered Xbox Series X on Amazon may not receive the console until the end of December



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On November 10, the day of the release of the Xbox Series, Amazon support sent out parts of pre-ordered new Microsoft consoles that the order will be delayed.

Based on the contents of the email, Amazon expects new Xbox Series shipments later in November and December. The service says that customers affected by the delay should receive the console by December 31.

Earlier, Phil Spencer said that the new generation of consoles — both from Microsoft and Sony-will be completely sold out at the release, and everything depends on how quickly both companies can deliver new batches.

The launch of consoles in 2020 is also complicated by the pandemic — because of it, as well as due to high demand, many orders will be delivered with a delay of several days or even weeks. Sony, meanwhile, decided to sell the first batch of PS5 online-without retail.

Microsoft did not take such measures and its consoles can be found in stores, but these units are likely to run out quickly.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the release of the Xbox Series has already taken place.

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