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First things to try on your new Xbox Series



First things to try on your new Xbox Series

On November 10, the Xbox Series consoles went on sale in different countries, and for many players, this will be the first Microsoft console in a long time. Someone will buy it instead of the PlayStation, and someone-along with the PlayStation, but it is already quite obvious that the team of “green” in the coming days will be replenished with a large number of new faces.

I’ve already seen a positive transformation of Microsoft on Xbox One X, so I’ll share a couple of tips on which games are best to start with in order to be more impressed. The relevance of this post is higher if you managed to change the TV or monitor by the start of the new generation: it just so happens that the new consoles are not only about frame rates but also about the image resolution.

Subscribe to Game Pass

Why else would you buy an Xbox? Seriously!

If you haven’t had a Microsoft console before, this service will create a real sense of celebration. There are really a lot of good games out there right now — including some that seem to be good, but that still costs a lot of money. Game Pass is perfect for them.

Forza Horizon 4

Available in Game Pass

This is the first game of the popular racing series (it’s not about the usual “Forza”), which was made immediately with 4K HDR in mind, and it still looks incredible.

FH4 felt great at 30 FPS because it was banal there were no drawdowns even at one frame per second, and at 60 FPS on the Series, it is almost a full-fledged game of the new generation.

For me, Horizon 4 has become the default racing arcade. I always have it installed in case I want to drive through beautiful landscapes. There is nothing better in this branch of the genre now.

Forza Horizon 3 is also definitely worth a try, but it is worth noting that HDR was added to the game after the release, and it is not implemented very well due to the features of the previous version of the engine.

Gears of War games: different parts for different reasons

Available in Game Pass

If you suddenly missed the Xbox 360 and Xbox One generations and only played the first Gears of War, then the Xbox Series can finally fill in the gaps.

Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 are backward compatible at higher resolutions and with improved texture filtering, so they look like they were launched on a new PC. The second part by today’s standards is a little outdated visually and gameplay, but Gears 3 sometimes feels like it was released the other day.

Gears of War 4 is interesting primarily because it works on older models in native 4K and fully supports Dolby Atmos sound (to do this, you need to buy this feature in the Dolby app for $ 15 and use headphones), and Gears 5 is the only game in the series that is fully updated with support for Series X. And Yes, the Gears 4 and Gears 5 just have phenomenal HDR.

Do not forget that the first Gears of War Microsoft also recently refreshed.

Red Dead Redemption и Red Dead Redemption 2

Sold separately,

The Xbox One X and Xbox Series X are the only platforms where both of these games are available in native 4K. If you missed the first RDR, then on the new Microsoft consoles, you can go through it in high resolutions (1440p on the Series S) and even with HDR — neither the PS5 nor the PC can.

Red Dead Redemption is not included in the Game Pass and costs $17, but it is one of the best Rockstar games, so… why not?

Red Dead Redemption 2 for the Xbox Series has not been updated, but on the Series X, it works in native 4K 30 — twice as high resolution as on the PS4 Pro and PS5. It’s worth seeing if you have a 4K display, believe me.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Available in Game Pass

The second game in the series has been updated for Xbox One X and Series X|S, so it will look great. Moreover, it is likely that Ori and the Will of the Wisps on the new “boxes” work even more stable than on the PC.

Don’t look at the fact that Ori has “cartoon” graphics: on the big screen, they are very impressive.

All parts of Halo

Available in Game Pass

Yes, Halo: Master Chief Collection still has some minor technical issues (something weird with audio mixing), but it’s still an offer that’s hard to refuse. All parts of the great series are now available in Game Pass and updated to 4K HDR.

Of course, MCC weighs a lot, but Microsoft, for example, allowed you to manage data in the game — you can separately delete or install campaigns and multiplayer for each part, saving disk space.

On November 17, the entire collection will be updated with support for the Xbox Series, and even campaigns can be completed in 120 FPS if you have the appropriate display.

Far Cry 5, Battlefield V, and the latest parts of Call of Duty — if you want to rate 4K HDR

Sold separately or included in EA Play

If you bought the Xbox Series X and updated your display, then you should try running Far Cry 5 on the new console. In my opinion, this is the first game in which Ubisoft managed to make amazing HDR, and on the Xbox One X and Series X it works in even 4K 30-without the slightest drawdown. Of course, this is not the best game in the series, but it still impresses with the visual part.

The same can be said about Battlefield V and the last parts of Call of Duty (starting with WWII). If you haven’t seen them in 4K HDR, then you should fill in the blanks. Both of them used dynamic resolution on the Xbox One X, so on the Xbox Series X it will be automatically twisted to the limit.

Games already optimized for the Xbox Series at launch

Xbox Series X and S went on sale without high-profile exclusives, but this does not mean that you have nothing to run in the new hardware. There is also Watch Dogs Legion, to evaluate raytracing, and Valhalla, to watch 4K 60 HDR on the Xbox Series X (on the Series S, it seems, 1440p 30).

In addition, if you are hungry for “graphon”, we advise you to pay attention to Black Ops Cold War in advance. The image in the campaign may surprise many people.

Well, on November 10, the Game Pass included Destiny 2: Beyond Light, which will receive an updated image on December 8.

Other old games in 4K HDR

Microsoft has updated many games from the first Xbox and Xbox 360 era to 4K on its X consoles. You can find them in the list of titles improved for Xbox One X.

Here and the first Crackdown, and “the Witcher 2”, and the classic parts of Fable, and the original Forza Horizon. In General, there is something to do.

In the store, all these titles are marked, so you can’t make a mistake.

Apple TV app for movies in 4K

Many people underestimate the importance of Apple TV on Xbox, and here it is worth understanding that it gives access not only to the Apple TV + subscription service, but also to the entire iTunes movie library.

Even if you don’t have any other Apple devices, iTunes is a good option for collecting a digital collection of movies in 4K. This store often has sales, so you can buy high-profile releases from previous years for 199 rubles.

Moreover, if you bought a movie in HD and the authors released a 4K restoration, Apple usually updates the copy for free. An old movie shot on film looks great in 4K HDR: try Saving private Ryan or Men in black, for example.

However, the best source of 4K HDR content is still Netflix: almost all of its movies and TV series are shot in it.

If you have already received your console, share similar tips in the comments.

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