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Sega wants to continue releasing ports, remasters, and remakes of Atlus after the success of Persona 4 Golden



Sega wants to continue releasing ports, remasters, and remakes of Atlus after the success of Persona 4 Golden

Sega says they are already planning to release more Atlus titles in the form of ports, remasters, remakes for other consoles. The success of Persona 4 Golden on PC had a lot to do with the decision.

While Sega still has a few projects open, the launch of Yakuza Like A Dragon as the most important right now, it seems that the legendary company already has a few plans for the future.

If you remember, last June Sega announced the launch of Persona 4 Golden for PC via Steam. The result was much better than expected for the company and the game was among the best sellers of the platform, reaching half a million copies in a few days. Due to this, Sega is reconsidering to release more ports and remasterings of Atlus.

Sega Sammy’s CEO, Haruki Satomi, talked about the whole issue during a briefing on the company’s financial results and gave fans hope to see more ports, remasters, and remakes of Atlus on other platforms.

As for Steam, although we haven’t been actively launching Atlus titles on PC, we felt there was a lot of potentials there and we launched a direct Persona 4 Golden PC port, and the user response exceeded our expectations, explained Satomi.

But the CEO has not been satisfied with just launching an assessment but opens the door to more similar projects. That said, we hope to launch titles from the Atlus catalog on various platforms, either as direct ports or in the form of remasterings or remakes.

What games would you like to see? All of this is related to a curious news item that took place last February. Atlus asked its consumers if they would like to see Persona on Nintendo Switch. The saga is the company’s stronghold and, for example, Persona 5 has helped Atlus to sign an excellent fiscal year.

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