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Sonic The Hedgehog will beat Detective Pikachu at the box office on its first weekend



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When Sonic The Hedgehog movie announced the fans went crazy. It finally came out on February 14( Valentine’s day). People around the world went to watch the movie with their friends, families or loved one. According to the fans, the movie is mind-blowing and it won the heart of the fans. Our Blue friend Sonic entertained us.

Sonic The Hedgehog earned good attention from the fans as it is expected to beat Detective Pikachu at the box office on its first weekend. According to Deadline, the film is estimated to have received a 3-day grossing of $53.99M and a 4-day of $64.3MA. For comparison, Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures’ Detective Pikachu earned $58M at its debut in May 2019.

Paramount’s estimates are slightly lower ($50M 3-day and $60M 4-day), but still takes the record over Pokemon either way.

If you’re from Germany, then we informed you about Pizza Hut that is selling Super Sonic Hot Dog Pizza inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog in Germany.

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