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Spiderman Remastered PC: How to Get Base Tokens



Spiderman Remastered PC: How to Get Base Tokens

In Spiderman Remastered (PC), you’ll be going to need different Tokens which will be your resources that will be used to craft different suits that you unlock after reaching a certain level or completing a certain story mission.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Base Tokens in Spiderman Remastered (PC).

Spiderman Remastered PC: How to Get Base Tokens

Base Tokens

You’ll get Base Tokens for clearing out the base of the enemies that are spread throughout New York City. The easier way to get the Base Tokens is to stick to the main story and complete the objectives. You’ll automatically get Base Tokens from various missions in which you clear out the base with the enemies. You can get up to 3x Base Tokens if you complete the challenges while clearing out the base. If you don’t complete the challenges then you’ll only get 1x Base Token which is not worth the time because clearing the enemy bases takes a good amount of time.

The other way is to complete the side missions in which you have to clear the area from the foes. Defeating all of the enemies will grant you Base Tokens.

In order to find the Tokens easily, go to the Surveillance Towers and reveal all of the activities to see all kinds of Tokens that you get in that area. If you don’t see the Base Token icon which is the Red Crown, it means that you haven’t progressed far in the story. So, start completing the main missions and just stick to the main objectives and you’ll get more tokens and by defeating the enemies, you’ll also get Crime Tokens.

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