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Starfield: Where to Find Aluminum



Starfield: Where to Find Aluminum

In Starfield, various resources are scattered throughout the different systems that players can explore and discover during their playthroughs. These resources are essential for crafting useful items or conducting research projects. To unlock new recipes for items, weapons, gear, and outposts, players must mine these resources. One of the rare resources in Starfield, essential for building outposts, is Aluminum (Al). If you’re looking to learn where you can find Aluminum in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will assist you in locating Aluminum in Starfield.

Where to Find Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most crucial resources in Starfield, as it is used in almost every crafting item recipe for your outpost. Since you’ll need to place several machines to get your factory running on your outpost, acquiring a decent amount of Aluminum is a must for crafting these machines. There are two primary methods for obtaining Aluminum:

  • Mine Aluminum yourself with a Cutter.
  • Extract Aluminum with Extractors.
  • Buy Aluminum from vendors.

Mine Aluminum Yourself with a Cutter

In the early game, it’s not advisable to buy Aluminum directly from vendors, as there are other uses for which you need to spend your credits. To acquire Aluminum early in the game, head to Thalassa Planet in the Olympus System. You will reach the Olympus System early in the game, and after completing the main quests there, you can embark on a foraging expedition to find Aluminum on Thalassa planet.

Starfield: Where to Find Aluminum
  • Select the Thalassa Planet and scan it to pinpoint the Aluminum deposits on the planet.
  • Set a landing target at the Aluminum location.
  • Once you’ve landed on Thalassa, equip your scanner by pressing the LB button, and start searching for Aluminum.
  • When you locate Aluminum, use the Cutter to mine it.

Additionally, you can increase the yield of Aluminum from each node by investing Skill Points in the Geology Skill under the Science Skill Tree.

Extract Aluminum

Thalassa planet is rich in Aluminum. Once you have obtained enough Aluminum through mining, you can place your Outpost Beacon on Thalassa to deploy an Extractor and extract tons of Aluminum. Use your scanner to identify Aluminum deposits beneath the ground. Afterward, build and place the extractor to get your small factory running, producing Aluminum that you can use to construct other valuable structures for your outpost.

Buy Aluminum

If you’d rather not bother with exploring and mining Aluminum yourself, you can purchase Aluminum from vendors. Several vendors stock Aluminum, and you can find one in the Residential District of New Atlantis early in the game. Head to the Residential District and make your way to the UC Exchange to buy Aluminum from the vendor. If the vendor happens to be out of stock, you can attempt to reset their inventory to buy more Aluminum.

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