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Streamer found a shiny Pokémon after 2,000 attempts



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One of the greatest feats for a Pokémon trainer is to find a shiny creature but it is very complicated, so much so that it took a streamer about 3,000 attempts to capture one of these monsters.

The content creator RayNarvaez was in charge of realizing and transmitting this moment on his Twitch channel. Strolling through the Galar region, this streamer encountered a Diglett shiny (which has a different colored nose than the original) and when he saw it he could not help shouting the emotion after trying about 2,763 times. We leave you with the exact video of the meeting for you to enjoy.

For people who are not so familiar with the Pokémon world, finding a shiny creature is truly difficult. In Pokémon Sword & Shield, the probability of encountering a bicolor creature is 1 / 4,096; what is enough is smaller compared to the first four-generation that was 1 / 8,192.

The shiny Pokémon or two-color versions are variations that have a special color for each creature and were first introduced in the Gold and Silver editions of the series.

These creatures are very rare to find because they appear quite randomly in games, either as wild, legendary Pokémon, as initial or egg-born creatures.

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