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A famous YouTuber Plays Halo on Nintendo Switch



A famous YouTuber Plays Halo on Nintendo Switch

When will Halo be released for Nintendo Switch? Is Halo coming to Nintendo Switch? There are many rumors that hinted that one day halo would be announced for the Switch. But Do you know you can play Halo on the Switch today?

yes, it is true. Today, you are going to meet a YouTuber who played Halo on Nintendo Switch. A popular tech-focused YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, appeared playing Halo on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the installation of Android and Project xCloud on the portable console.

This process is possible thanks to vulnerabilities found only on certain Nintendo switch models, and also requires custom fixtures, PC and USB-C cables, and a very high-speed microSD card to install Android. If you’re willing to risk switching failures, here’s a complete guide for XDA developers. In addition, you need to be a participant in the xCloud Open Beta project and download the Xbox game steaming app from the Google Play Store (by the way, it is not bundled with LineageOS in advance).

Click here to download Xbox Game Streaming.

Even though this isn’t something an average user would do, as the process can be a bit tedious and won’t work on every model, it is indeed a fun way to easily access Xbox games on the go. The Nintendo Switch’s narrower design may be more portable than carrying a full Xbox controller and phone clip with you, provided they don’t mind the non-sensitive joystick in Joy-Cons connected via Bluetooth.

Check out the video below:

This is how you can play Halo on the Nintendo Switch.

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