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Super Nintendo World theme park map … and hints of a Donkey Kong attraction



Super Nintendo World theme park map ... and hints of a Donkey Kong attraction

Super Nintendo World, the area of ​​the Universal Studios theme park in Japan could receive an area based on Donkey Kong Country. In addition, we have the map and details of the park.

Super Nintendo World, Nintendo’s theme park will finally open its doors in Japan in 2021. The opening will be on February 4 but the area (which is a theme area of ​​the Universal Studios Japan park) is practically finished, and the very Miyamoto gave us a private tour last week.

In fact, in the park’s mobile application, you can already consult the map of the park … and even find indications for an area of ​​Donkey Kong.

We begin with the latter. When it opens, Super Nintendo World will consist of a large area centered around the worlds of Super Mario, with two attractions: Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure. However, there seems to be another section going on, based on Donkey Kong. The data miners have found hidden files in the app, Donkey stickers, which, however, currently has no presence in the park.

A year ago, photos were leaked of a model of the park, and it showed an area based on modern Donkey Kong Country … and what appears to be a roller coaster based on the game’s wagon levels. There is currently no official news that this area will be built, but it may be in the plans (remember that construction and opening were delayed due to the coronavirus).

What the application does show, for now, is the park map, which highlights all the interactive points of the park. In addition to the attractions, the park is full of zones and animatronics with which we can interact through a bracelet with a chip (sold separately), with which to get stamps (although it is not known what can be obtained with them).

In this GameXplain video, we can even see a small story, in which Bowser Jr. has stolen the keys, which we must find throughout the area.

Super Nintendo World will open its doors on February 4, at the Universal Studios Japan park in Osaka. There are already promotional videos of Japanese YouTubers where the park has been shown in more detail. Super Mario shares the park with the worlds of Harry Potter or Jurassic Park, for example. There are plans to build the area in the Universal parks of Hollywood and Florida, but during a good season, the only way to visit it will be with a ticket to Japan …

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