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The Japanese choose their favorite Pokémon: do you agree with the choices?



The Japanese choose their favorite Pokémon: do you agree with the choices?

This year Pokémon has not left anyone indifferent with its news, since we will be able to enjoy numerous new titles such as New Pokémon Snap, the remakes of Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shining Diamond as well as the new open-world in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. But it is not the only important thing that Pokémon has brought us this year since we can finally see a list of fan favorites.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, a survey has been conducted in Japan via Twitter to find out which Pokémon are most loved by fans over the past year. There are many Japanese who have been encouraged to participate in this survey and there has been a total of 1,187,368 votes that in turn translate into 568,167 tweets.

Only 30 Pokémon of the 893 that exist have been classified

Only 30 Pokémon have been classified as favorites, and curiously we find Pokémon of all generations except the second. Of course, it is a very difficult task to choose Pokémon from all generations, especially if we take into account the large list of Pokémon that currently exists where the eighth has been presented with Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Contrary to what many will think, the most popular Pokémon are not the best known. The ones that lead the list are obviously also popular, but not as popular as Pikachu and Bulbasaur can be, which although they are also part of this list, do not occupy the top positions. If you want to know which have been the most voted Pokémon, we leave you below the list starring the 30 most beloved:

Dedenne 68,398 votes

  1. Dedenne – 68,396 votes
  2. Cincinno 54,444 votes
  3. Sableye 45,562 votes
  4. Snivy 41,894 votes
  5. Magnemite 35,206 votes
  6. Swadloon 34, 204 votes
  7. Pikachu 33,125 votes
  8. Buzzwole 33,077 votes
  9. Oshawott 32,191 votes
  10. Flygon – 22,08 votes
  11. Whismur – 21,529 votes
  12. Piplup – 18,190 votes
  13. Chandelure – 18,095 votes
  14. Empoleon – 17,989 votes
  15. Luxray – 17,773 votes
  16. Greninja – 17,337 votes
  17. Jirachi – 17,254 votes
  18. Charizard – 16,243 votes
  19. Mimikyu – 15,797 votes
  20. Inteleon – 15,540 votes
  21. Eevee – 15,524 votes
  22. Barbaracle – 15,128 votes
  23. Glaceon – 14,923 votes
  24. Spheal – 14,783 votes
  25. Scolipede – 13,806 votes
  26. Lilligant – 13,677 votes
  27. Bulbasaur – 13,424 votes
  28. Sliggoo – 13,417 votes
  29. Lucario – 13,286 votes
  30. Gardevoir – 12,534 votes
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