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The Last of Us multiplayer game would have a progression system similar to a game-as-a-service



Naughty Dog works on a multiplayer game, and its economy suggests a long progression system, with many rewards, such as a game as a service.

Naughty Dog continues to develop its next multiplayer game, and a new job listing on its website suggests a game-as-a-service-style monetization model. The position is focused on designing the game economy, that is, how the game progression will develop (levels, experience, rewards …).

They are looking for someone ” who offers players opportunities to express themselves, ensures robust longevity, and motivates players with great rewards .” Although they do not mention if it will be a paid or free game, this suggests that there will be some form of monetization, probably like season passes.

We know that Naughty Dog is developing a standalone multiplayer game based on The Last of Us Part 2 , but the wait is getting longer than expected … Considering that The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the only recent games of PS4 that does not yet have a version optimized for PS5, we could hope that both announcements go hand in hand.

For this job offer they are looking for someone with experience designing successful economies in multiplayer games for PC and consoles, knowledge of how progression systems and economy systems interact, and knowledge of player psychology or narrative tone. In fact, they would collaborate extensively with other departments, to make sure that the rewards motivate players for the long term.

We do not know if this position is for the aforementioned The Last of Us game or for something else, although the studio’s website has several dozen job offers, so they should already be working on their next project for PlayStation 5.

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