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The Sims 4 Guide: Needs and powers of vampires



The Sims 4 Guide: Needs and powers of vampires

The Sims 4 allows us to turn our Sims into vampires, but they have a series of unique characteristics, such as powers and special needs, therefore, in the following guide, we will tell you all the details about these abilities so that you can live the afterlife at the full.

In order to access it, we need the Forgotten Hollow expansion, which will not only give us access to these beings but also to decoration objects, construction, and new areas.

Vampire powers in The Sims 4

There are different levels of vampires that are unlocked with power points. Depending on the actions we carry out, we will accumulate them and unlock various levels. Among the faculties of these beings, we find reading minds or transforming into a bat, or being immune to changes in temperature. In the same way, they have disadvantages such as being thirsty for blood, being vulnerable to sunlight or garlic.

As we increase our vampire’s grade, new advantages will be unlocked in exchange for power points, there are up to 25 abilities that we can choose from. If we want the fast way, we can access the list of cheats to unlock all the powers. 

Needs of vampires in The Sims 4

Being a vampire is not the same as being human and that also translates into their needs. Therefore, when playing with them we have to take into account the following aspects:

  • Thirst: it is one of the fundamental aspects of the vampire and that is that we have to have their need for blood covered, either through a Sim, plasma or plasma fruit.
  • Energy: it is the resistance of the being and what is needed to be able to use the powers. It can be replenished either by sleeping or through Dark Meditation.

Regarding the rest of the needs, it has the same as a normal Sim such as socializing, having fun, and having good hygiene.

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