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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Solutions for all Treasure Island treasure hunts and Cordana stories



Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Solutions for all Treasure Island treasure hunts and Cordana stories

In the game “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One”, in addition to the main and secondary cases, so-called Cordana stories await, which bring back memories of Sherlock’s childhood. This includes a treasure hunt that will chase you across Cordona. Here we show you where you can find all treasures and Cordana stories.

Treasure Island – Treasure Hunt Round One

In this treasure hunt, you will have to search all of Cordana because in three rounds you will get eight different pictures showing a section of the city. You have to go to these places and find a brown wooden box to complete the treasured number.

At Town Square, you can start the search. Talk to the town yeller at the archway and he’ll give you the first eight pictures. The more treasures you collect, the more items you unlock for the cloakroom. At the end of the Treasure Island quest, both Sherlock and Jon have pirate outfits.

numberTreasure namedistrictLocation
1Carriage in a yardScaladioPort Authority on Harbor Ave.
2Long bridgeScaladioBelow the Cafe Primrose at Altstadtbrücke
3Lion statueGrand SarayLeft of Maltese Bridge on Bazaar Rd
4thShort bridgeScaladioPavilion in the park at the Legacy Theater
5Bench on a quayGrand SarayAt the pier below Händlergasse
6thComfortable pavilionGrand SarayPavilion on Leblanc Rd to the right of Stonewood Manor
7thSandy coastOld townCoast at the north end of Castle Rd at the lookout point
8thHigh towerOld townAt the Hava watchtower by a tool bench

After your first successful round of treasure hunts, return to the town crier on Rathausplatz. There you will get the instructions for the second round.

Treasure Island – Treasure Hunt Round Two

The new round, new luck. With the new eight pictures, you have to go to the seats in the previous round and find the brown wooden box.

numberTreasure namedistrictLocation
9Rocky shoreGrand SarayAt the north end of the street next to the bridge on Silent Way
10Secret lake viewGrand SarayOn the balcony facing the sea at the promenade square
11thTower stairsSilvertonIn the tower entrance of the Thor Bridge
12thDisused mineMiner’s EndAt the end of the west end below Wiggins St
13thLarge depotSilvertonOn a wooden pallet next to two men in the courtyard of the Finch canning factory
14thTower at a bridgeOld townOn a tower next to the knife stake
15thSmall parkScaladioNext to the Legacy Theater on Queen St
16Crumbling columnScaladioBalcony between Bonaparte St and Knight Rd

As soon as you have solved all eight puzzles and found the treasures, you can go back to the town crier and start the last treasure hunt.

Treasure Island Treasure Hunt Round Three

You have already found 16 treasures, eight are still left. Again, the rules remain the same. Look for the locations of the pictures and find the wooden box. In order to officially complete the treasure hunt, you have to talk to the town crier at the end as well.

numberTreasure namedistrictLocation
17thNot far from a craneOld townIn a wooden shoring in Ram St
18thRocky hillGrand SarayAt the pavilion to the right of Silent Way towards Stonewood Manor
19thTree on a bridgeGrand SarayOn a bridge in Bonanze Rd at Promenadenplatz
20thOld bridgeMiner’s EndOn the Stephenson Bridge
21Under the pipesSilvertonOn Arsenal St in front of the Garden of Delight
22ndaqueductMiner’s EndAt the Kaiser Aqueduct
23Multi-part houseOld townOn Sesame St at the junction of Bakery St
24Secluded market in a courtyardScaladioIn a courtyard to the right of Reed St

The Empty House – Cordana Story

As soon as you enter the Stonewood Manor for the first time in the course of the main story, you can find an auction notice on a pillar in the entrance hall. It says there that all the objects in the house were auctioned.

Therefore, seek out all local dealers who sell items or luxury goods. Usually, they have a red exclamation mark above the shopping symbol on the map if they still have an important item for you. Find the following dealers to bring the facility back together:

  • Sale of oriental goods (old town)
  • Selling cheap antiques (Scaladio / Miner’s End)
  • Sale of luxury goods (Scaladio)
  • Sale of works of art (Grand Saray)
  • Sale of garden decorations (Grand Saray)

Once you have bought all of the items, they will automatically be brought to Stonewood Manor. Every time you have completely furnished a room, you can equip the appropriate evidence and examine the respective room in the KM to unlock a memory.

Knife stake – Cordana story

Look for the knife post in the old town next to the old town bridge. You may already know this from the Mycroft side-case “Greetings from Cordana”. Equip the evidence and hear around behind the naval barracks if you haven’t already.

Then go to the market square in the old town and overhear the two men gossiping about the knives in a corner. Circle the words “Family Honor,” “Blood Revenge,” and “Ancient Tradition” to learn more about the history of knives and to put an end to the case.

The silver canary – Cordana story

Find the memorial by the silver mines in Miner’s End near Wiggins St. and examine the fenced-in birdcage. Also, look at him in the KM and read the inscription.

Disguise yourself as a tramp and speak to one of the residents to hear the story of the canary. Then look for the “Flowers of Good” pub at the intersection of Eel St and Lestrade Rd next to the newspaper boy. There you can overhear two men. Select the following words:

  • Lost his family
  • Thrown into the sea
  • Poverty in Miner’s End
  • Stole the Kanraienvogel

Now you will learn the rest of the story of the canary and end the Cordana story here.

Silence is gold – Cordana history

Seek the Town Square in Scaladio on to the Cordana history unlock and upgraded the evidence “memories of the Rathaus Platz”. Stand where Jon is waiting for you and follow the story in KM.

The ghost hunter – Cordana story

Near the Drinking Dutchman fast travel point you will find a yellow poster with the title “Luigi can help! All ghosts gone!” in Bazar Rd. Interact with him and examine the donation table at the bottom right towards the bank.

Examination – donation table (three-pointers):

  • Broken glass
  • poster
  • Blood on the ground

Then you can watch the table, the distorted being, and the people in the KM. Then equip the hint “From the hunter to the hunted” and follow the ghost trail in the KM to find Luigi’s hiding place.

Examination – Desk (Four Clues):

  • Bottles
  • Coins
  • poster
  • flute

Now Jon and Sherlock automatically solve the puzzle and end the ghost hunter Cordana story.

The silver hand treasure

The Silver Hand Memorial can be found at the intersection of Scarlet St and Arnaut St in the east of the old town. Interact with the hand and read the inscription. Then you get a note from Jon with the first riddle:

  • If you are obsessed with solving the hand solution puzzle, make your way to where Euris Rd and Crooked St meet. Look at the Imam Zahir mosque and take a quick step to the left until you see a courtyard with a wishing well.

So go into the courtyard, which is in the middle of Rickshaw Rd, Eurus Rd, and Crooked St in the south of the old town. Investigate the fountain there in the KM for the second puzzle:

  • You’re almost there, just don’t despair, you have to watch out for a rocky arch. You have to go east at the old ruin, then you will see him proudly on the coast.

So look for the old ruin in the west of Grand Saray and do not go to the west to the ruin, but to the east along the coast, past the couple. At the rock pile, you will find the third and last puzzle in the KM.

  • You will find the treasure where there is a tree, at the foot of which the ruin rises. Only a small detail will reveal itself to you, but that doesn’t mean your efforts have been in vain.

The silver hand treasure is located in the white area of ​​the map between the old ruin and the fast travel point of the same name. Examine the stone by the tree and end the Cordana story.

Dust to dust – Cordana story

The ruins of the Heiliggeist Fortress can be found in the east of the old town at the intersection of Medrese St and Bazaar Rd. Listen to Jon’s voice sitting on the boards and equip the hint “Our secret”. Follow the KM lane until you find the grave with the skull.

Examine him and learn another little piece of Sherlock’s past. That ends the Cordana story “dust to dust”.

To be or not to be – Cordana story

Go to the Legacy Theater on Vernet St in the south of Scaladio and inspect the Hamlet-Prince of Denmark poster at the entrance. Then go to the back entrance and activate the evidence “memories of a play”. Watch the spectacle and end the Cordana story “To be or not”.


Halo Infinite – Battle Pass and Quests, Rewards, Ultimate Challenge



Halo Infinite - Battle Pass and Quests, Rewards, Ultimate Challenge

As previously announced, Halo Infinite has a season pass, which is intended to encourage everyday gameplay in online modes. The first season started exactly on November 15, and you can win the next prizes until May 2, 2022. After this time, more games will start, resetting the progress of the previous ones.

You can access it from the menu level, but you will see the relevant tile more often in the multiplayer menu. After clicking on it, you will see a short summary, and only after clicking on the rewards or challenges, you will notice what should interest you the most.

Speaking of the former, you will get them for completing challenges/tasks during online games. As shown in the picture above, each tier of the Season Pass offers different cosmetic accessories or skins (note that they do not affect the gameplay!). Those with the signature “casual” are for the free season pass, and the rest of the items you will only get after purchasing the premium pass for real money.

In the case of challenges, i.e. the tasks mentioned above, you can view them by clicking on the tile on the right (after going to the pass management screen). The screen will show you weekly quests (updated every 7 days) and a daily challenge that updates daily. For completing them, you receive the indicated amount of experience points, which are then transferred to the pass level, and for each level, you receive some items.

It is worth mentioning that if you have purchased a premium pass for real money, you can additionally perform one more weekly activity. If you manage to complete four of these activities in one week (not counting the ones updated daily), you will receive the final challenge, which is rewarded for completion with the item shown on the right.

It is worth mentioning that clicking the R key will take you to future activities. You can preview them, but doing them in advance is not an option.

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Halo Infinite – a legendary weapon or gadget, how to find and take?



Halo Infinite - a legendary weapon or gadget, how to find and take?

When playing Halo Infinite, you will surely come across points with weapons and gadgets. Some of them are highlighted in yellow, which means that you are dealing with a legendary item here. Its spawn is marked, and its appearance on the map is also signaled by a message from our AI.

When the place where the legendary item appears on the map, you will have to wait a few seconds. The mark (like in the picture above) is visible to all players on the server, which means there is a high probability that everyone will rush to that spot at one point in time to get the item in question.

So it’s worth lurking somewhere and only after the time limit has passed, approach the weapon/gadget and collect it. Remember, however, that you only need to be at the spawn for the item to fall into your hands – you don’t need to click anything, so keep in mind the fact that someone may take it in the blink of an eye and run away from your position, becoming a dangerous target at the same time.

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Farming Simulator 22 Guide: place, rotate, remove buildings



Farming Simulator 22 Guide: place, rotate, remove buildings

You have placed a stable in Farming Simulator 22, but the northern orientation now makes for bad Feng Shui? Don’t worry: in this short guide, we will explain to you how you can easily rotate, place or even tear down buildings.

Place buildings

In order to place a building in the world of the farming simulator, you first have to call up the construction mode. This opens her with the key combination Shift + P . Here you can switch between the tabs “Buildings”, “Production”, “Animals” and “Decoration” and choose an object.

If you have enough money, you can buy the building and then simply place it with the left mouse button. Are you still missing the necessary money? Our guide will explain to you how you can make money like hay.

Rotate building

There is good news for Schönbauer among you: The buildings in Farming Simulator 22 can be rotated without any problems! To do this, open build mode and select an object.

Before you place it, hold down the right mouse button and turn it in any direction. The structures can be rotated freely and you don’t have to follow a grid when building.

Remove building

We recommend that you plan your building projects well in advance. Because once a building stands, it can no longer be moved or edited. If you want to get rid of this, you have to sell it.

To do this, go back to construction mode and select the building. Now press the red tab » Tear off« (on the far right in the construction menu) to get rid of the object.

Attention: You only get a fraction of the purchase price back for demolishing buildings. So think carefully about where you want to place a building.

Removing vines and olive groves

In the case of olive trees, grapevines, fences, and hedges, the trigger for removal is very small and the optical highlighting for deletion is very difficult to see.

If you want to tear off grapevines, for example, zoom in on the vines, click on the “Tear off” button and click on the vine. Often you have to click several times to find the right point.

Prepare the terrain

You have placed your cowshed and now the ramp is just floating in the air? To correct this blemish, you can simply prepare the terrain before placing the building. Unevenness can be leveled out using the landscape tool, for example.

To do this, open the construction mode again and select the »Landscaping« tab. Here you can now raise, lower, or smooth the landscape. It is much easier to build on smooth surfaces.

Rename building

You can no longer remember what you built Silo 1, Silo 2, Silo 3, and Silo 500 for, and want to bring a little more overview to your yard? Renaming buildings can help.

To do this, go back to construction mode and select your building. Stables, workshops, and silos (with the exception of driving silos) can be given their own name.

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