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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Solutions to all police cases and side cases in Cordana



Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Solutions to all police cases and side cases in Cordana

In addition to the main falls, there are many more mysteries to explore in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Since Cordana is an open game world, you will often find the side cases in the strangest places. Here we show you where you can find all police cases and side cases and how to solve them.

Aside from the main story, there are many more cases waiting for Sherlock and Jon, which can be unlocked in Cordana.

All ancillary cases and police cases at a glance

There are a total of six police cases, one of which you have already completed in the course of the main story. The “Waved Fists” case is activated automatically, while the other secondary cases at the police station must be unlocked via the notice board :

  • Disguise artist
  • Curved fists
  • The price of greed
  • Awaken in the shadows
  • The scapegoat
  • Honey sting

You can also solve three side cases that you do on behalf of Mycroft :

  • Greetings from Cordana
  • Eels on the hook
  • The missing bookseller

The remaining five side cases are only unlocked when you visit a certain place or listen to a certain conversation.

  • Among the blind
  • The iron coffin
  • The song of the sirens
  • String to string
  • Street wizardry

Curved fists – police case

Go to the bar “Golden Eel”, which is located in the old town on Scarlet St near Sesame Street. It can be found directly to the left of the fast travel point. The crime scene has already been investigated inside, so you can see several tables with numbers. There you have to find the following information: advertisement

Evidence Numberproof
1Beer mug
2Glasses and broken table
3Broken bottle with blood
5Knife and notches

Now you just have to successfully reconstruct the sequence of events. Starting with the sailor who gets the beer poured over from the dealer. Then the dealer punched the soldier against the table. The dock worker pulls a bottle over the trader and the sailor incapacitates the dock worker with the chair.

From this it can be concluded that the soldier is the murderer. Return to the police station and report your suspicions to the receptionist.

The Price of Greed – Police Case

Take the police case on the notice board and travel to North Silverton in the backyard of the Engineers Ln. While it’s a bit of a mess here, there are evidence numbers that you can search.

Evidence Numberproof
1Coins and broken bottle
2Bullet holes and blood on the wheel
3Throwing knife
5Glasses and revolver
6thThumbtacks in the log

Now it is time to reconstruct the act again. The man with the glasses is standing by the tree trunk, the man in the hat crawls from the car to the wall, and by the tree is the man with the scarf.

Then equip the hint “The missing piece of the puzzle” and examine the footprints of the hat-wearing man in the KM. Now you have to express your suspicions in the police station and the case is over.

Awake in the shadows – police case

Get the police case from the notice board and go to the Cordana Cemetery in southern Miner’s End. Search the cemetery until the “Open Grave” crime scene is unlocked and investigate the area.

Investigation – fireplace (three-pointers):

  • rat
  • bottle
  • mushrooms
Evidence Numberproofs
1Hat, stone, flowers and stains of blood
2Bottle, message and set of instruments
3Hat and scraps of cloth
4thShovel and bloodstains

Then analyze the bottle and you can reconstruct the act. For the flower basket, you have to choose the bald man who is holding a flower basket in his hand. The man with the hair and glasses stabs the person on the ground.

At the third number, the hairless man strikes with the shovel and at number four, the man with glasses stabs again. At the open grave, you have to place the man with the hat and the alcohol bottle on the right and the man with the hair and the glasses on the left. Return to the police station with your result and end the case.

The scapegoat – police case

Activate this police case via the notice board and look for the new marker “Forest Ruins” at the western end of Miner’s End. There you will find an altar with the slaughtered billy goat. Investigate the area and run down the evidence numbers.

Evidence Numberproofs
2A broken trough with wine
3Rope with wine
4thBarefoot prints
6thBilly goat

During the reconstruction, you have to pay close attention to the women, as the only difference between them is the mask. There is a bird, an ox, and a lion mask.

The bird lady pulled the billy goat by the horns, causing the lion lady to drop the trough. In Exhibit Four, the ladybirds and the lion dance until they spot the priest. The ladybird points to him. At the stake, you have to choose the ox lady and confirm the cruel event.

Finally, report your conclusion to the police station to unlock the last police case.

Honey Sting – Police Finals

With the key to Inspector Placido’s office, you can finally enter it. You can find it next to the evidence room. Look at the note on the table and the beekeeper’s box. Equip the evidence “Placido’s office” and examine the left picture in the KM to find a secret hiding place.

Investigation – Dresser (three-pointers):

  • Box of snuff
  • Newspaper clipping
  • Revolver case KM

Then travel to the town hall archives and type in the following information to view the property of Hailey Onig.

proofMain categorySubcategory
Notes about the bee masterGroup of peoplecitizens
Notes about the bee masterperiodBritish (19th century)
Notes about the bee masterDistrictsMiner’s End

Since everything but the last warehouse in Miner’s End has been auctioned or sold, we go to Clay St. near Stephenson Bridge in Miner’s End. You can eavesdrop on two men in the backyard. Circle the words “written messages,” “intermediary communication,” and “has never seen anyone”.

In the warehouse, you have to fight the gang of bees before you can examine them. Go up the stairs to the storage room and examine the boxes and oven to find a message.

Examination – Desk (three-pointers):

  • Letter from B.
  • Note with smudges
  • Wool

In the chemical analysis, you can examine the scraps of words and then search for the dock with the evidence “Letter from B”. For example, select the clubface and ask a resident nearby.

The apiary is west of Wiggins St in the northern part of Miner’s End. There you will meet an older man whom you can watch.

Observation – old man

  • cap
  • chest
  • Hands with puffiness
  • Handgun
  • Result: Placido

For the trophy "Well-deserved rest" you have to select "Placido" in the conclusion, otherwise, the correct dialogue will not be activated. If you choose "bee master", the man sends you away again.

Now select the two dialog options “You killed him” and “I’m thinking about your request”. If you have his ear in your inventory, you can also negotiate some beehives or a revolver for Sherlock. For the trophy, you have to select “Placido is dead” and end the case.

As a reward, you will not only receive 30 coins, but also two new items in the cloakroom: the police officer’s hat and Jon’s crook outfit.

With love from Cordana – Mycroft side-case

After you have finished the main case “Muse from afar”, you will find a present from Werner Vogel in the form of a mermaid skeleton on a stone at your property. Interact with the statue and Mr. Estevo will appear. After a strange conversation, the case is unlocked.

To unlock the trophy "Not now ..." you have to tell Mr. Estevo that you don't have time. You can of course accept the case immediately afterward.

Equip the proof of “Mycroft’s concern” and walk over the old town bridge to Scaladio. There the bridge tower and the Cafe Primrose are automatically activated. Sit down at a table and wait for the case to start. At the bridge tower, you will find a horribly battered corpse that you have to examine.

Investigation – Corpse (Six Clues):

  • face
  • Blue cloth
  • belly
  • Sheath without a knife
  • Left leg
  • key

Tries to get into the tower and tells the guard about the evidence “information about the victim”. In the room on the right, you will find a bloody knife and the window with the blood. The ashtray is smoking on the table and you can steal a naval officer’s uniform from the leash.

You will also find sheets of paper on the floor, an envelope with a ransom note, and a pile of money. Also, look at the table and the box in KM mode, only then can you start the reconstruction.

Analyze blood imprint on the cable and interact with it. You can now either follow the blood trail or go to the barracks. First, we look for the other end of the rope and find bloody wood and blood on the knife post. There you will find a knife with a curved blade.

Take a picture and go to the barracks on the corner of Castle Rd and Hermes Ave. Talk to the people about the eagle symbol and the corpse. Then go down the stairs and overhear the naval cadets. Circle the words “retaliate” “commander commented”.

Now go back upstairs and walk to the back part. There you will find a door with the number four, which opens directly. In KM mode, examine the floor and then the secret compartment.

Examination – secret compartment (three clues):

  • Jailan’s letter
  • Two tickets to London
  • money

There is also a letter from General Ridley and a photo of his father and son near the desk. Now you can analyze the silk scarf. Once the blood is removed, you can use it as a disguise.

Behind the barracks, you can find two other guys talking about the knife stake. Circle the words “Provocation of the Ottomans”, “Give me the order and I will” and “Not far from the barracks”. Now dress up as a female Ottoman with a headscarf and also wear the silk scarf. Go to the knife stake and talk to the people there to get the location for the house of the eagles.

You will find the big house directly on the west side of the old town market. You can only enter the entrance on the left, where the woman is standing. Equip the Evidence “Blood Trail” and examine the spots in the KM to follow the trail.

Observation – Suspicious Man (Five Clues):

  • Hand on face
  • Throat with rash
  • Faint blood spots on the hip
  • Decorated knife sheath
  • right hand
  • Result: upset
What was used as a weapon?Photography of the knife
What opportunity did the act make possible?Ransom note
What was the motive for the act?Jailan’s letter

It is up to you whether you keep the peace or hand it over to the police. With the second option, My Croft will be pissed off at you, but you have at least apparently ensured law and order and activated the newspaper “Todbrigender Adler”.

Eels on the hook – Mycroft case

This mission will be unlocked automatically and to prepare for the mission, you can visit the Cordana Chronicle. This will help you find the right camouflage.

Instructions for good camouflageperiodLast time
Instructions for good camouflagedistrictSilverton
Instructions for good camouflagecategoryObituaries

Now go to a clothes dealer and get the “bat clothes” and the scarface. Now you can equip the clue “Information about one of the overseers” and look for it on the north side of the Finch canning factory in Silverton.

Ask someone at warehouse one in Silverton for information and you will get Tanned Rd as a stopping point. Go to the end of the street and you will see Cylinder Jones from afar.

Then select the evidence “Mycroft’s informant with the eels” and look for warehouse three. There you will also find two men gossiping towards the river. Circle the words “cop,” “bribery,” and “on the payroll”. The wanted informant is leaning against a column, drinking, and is unfortunately useless.

Infiltrate warehouse two and beat up the bandits and Friedrich Panzer. Then go to the Cordona Chronicle and speak to the receptionist. She hands you a new case at “accept order”.

Bookseller Missing – Mycroft Side Case

With the information from the receptionist, you can go looking for Angelo Dondolo. This is not just a simple bookseller, but an agent for Mycroft. Seeks his bookstore in the old city at the eastern end of St Ceto.

Knocks on the door and examines the pile of newspapers next to it and the shoe prints in the KM. Follow the white trail that ends in the courtyard and examine the objects lying in the grass.

Investigation – Grass (Four Clues):

  • bookmark
  • floor
  • Shoe print KM
  • Cigarette butts

Then put on the Ottoman disguise and ask the man who is sitting directly behind the investigation site. Make sure that the “Search for Angelo Dondolo” evidence is equipped. Then look for wagon wheel marks and bloodstains in the KM in Castle Street by the stairs.

Follow the wagon wheel tracks until you end up in the upper cul-de-sac where the cart was parked. Then interact with the blue door and face the bandits. After your fight, you have to look at all the tables in the room and examine them, because there you will find the key to the cells.

Examine the first empty cell with the bloody mattress. There you can look at the floor next to the mattress in KM mode and find a secret opening. That’s where FD’s book lies.

One cell further you will find a corpse, which you can identify during the examination. Then return to the editorial office to complete the mission. Whether or not you tell the receptionist the truth is up to you at this point.

Among the blind – side case

At the intersection of Hermes Ave and Scarlet St, listen to the two men and circle the following words: “In the old ruin”, “Blinded” and “Precise hit”. This will automatically unlock the old ruin in southwest Grand Saray.

Take the fast trip to the old ruin and walk along the coast until you get into conversation with the undertaker. Then search the Cordana Chronicle Archives for the previous year’s event.

Testimony of the undertakerperiod1870-1879
Testimony of the undertakercategoryFrontpage
Testimony of the undertakerDistrictsOld town

Then go to the old ruin and examine the crime scene, the rulebook, and the corpse. By the way, you will find a yellow duelist suit for Sherlock on one of the stones, which you will need later.

Evidence Numberproof
2Cartridges blindfold and shoe print KM
3Cartridges and box with corner
4thConsent of the duelists

Investigation – Corpse (Four Clues):

  • chest
  • Blindfold
  • key
  • weapon

Upon the hill, you will find a bloody stain on the stone and behind it in the grass a revolver. Then you can reconstruct the scene. Sherlock isn’t sure, though. Therefore change the scene again afterward. The referee drops the suitcase and a stranger shoots from above.

Talk to the undertaker about the duel in the ruins without mentioning the dueling club. The dead man’s name is Erich von Staub and lives in Scaladio. That’s not a lot of information, so let’s go to the Cordana City Hall archive.

Blindfolded victimGroup of peoplecitizens
Blindfolded victimregisterDeaths
Blindfolded victimDistrictsScaladio

The property is on Baskerville Street between Vernet St and Bonaparte St in southern Scaladio. Since you have a key, you can go straight in. Preferably in a police outfit, because the gentlemen are already waiting for them.

Observation – Magda von Staub (Seven Clues):

  • Pale face
  • chest
  • Wrists
  • Red stain on the left arm
  • Color stain on the ankle
  • Yellow patches of skin on the left hand
  • Black band on the chest
  • Result: Was beaten many times

After the conversation, she also examines the piano, the sheet of music, and the parents’ photo. Then you can get to the bedrooms through the back door.

In Magda’s bedroom, you will find a jar of ointment and a painting with inclusion holes on the dressing table. The pictures by the windows can also be viewed. A mirrored table in the room with a can of ointment, pictures by the windows, paintings with no bullet holes

Investigation – Painting (Three Clues):

  • person
  • Color palette
  • Cartridges

In Erich’s room you can find the chest of drawers with the missing revolver box in the KM. There is also a burnt paper on the chest of drawers and a whip.

Examination Desk (Five Hints):

  • Debt letter
  • Image by Sir Banaby
  • Image of the club
  • Letter to Mr. Boddington
  • Official German official letter in the card index

After a chemical analysis of the burned letter, you can equip the note “Magda von Staub’s statement” and talk to the cleaning housemaid. This is hereby confirmed. In addition, she asks for the hint “Photography of men with a blindfold”.

Talk to Ms. von Staub again about the following evidence:

  • Burned letters
  • Letter to Mr. Boddington
  • Missing revolver case
  • Confirmed black color

Depending on which disguise you have, you should address the right person with the proof “Photography of men with a blindfold”. If you still have the police uniform on, it is best to speak to a police officer.

Travel to Grand Saray South put on Sherlock’s fancy suit, and ask rich-looking residents. The club is located on Basketville St between Sol’s Row and Silent Way. Use the waypoint “St. Nicholas Church” and you will land right in front of the house.

Put on the yellow dueler’s suit and you can go inside. Take a look at the pictures, the guest book, and the glass case with the missing revolver. Then enter the practice room and the shooting starts. Then you can read the cartridges at the table and read the book about the blind duel club. You will also find a map of Cordana.

Investigation – Sitting Area (Four Clues)

  • Telegrams
  • Apricot liquor
  • Two glasses
  • Broken glass on the floor

Equip the clue “Another club member” and follow the trail until you come to a lamp. Activate the switch and enter the secret room.

Observation – Heinrich Feugen von Cramm (five pointers):

  • Glass eye
  • Winner badge
  • Red spot on the sleeve
  • Signet ring left hand
  • Dirt on your pants
  • Result: Important witness

Talk to him about the events and the following pointers:

  • Missing revolver
  • Debt letter
  • LeMat revolver
  • Cordona Chronicle 1879

Search the office for recordings in Braille, the newspaper, the photos, and the magnifying glass. To get all the hints, you also have to activate the recording device, but this is a bit buggy because there is no point. The best thing to do is stand diagonally in front of Mister von Cramm. Finally, there is a letter on the safe. Talk to him again and present the ointment as evidence as well as the private correspondence.

Now you have two suspects, both of whom have fairly good defenses. However, only Magda von Staub actually committed the murder. The same applies here: You mustn’t make any mistakes. Otherwise, the case will be closed but unsuccessful. If the proof is correct, a white light appears in the conversation, if it is wrong, the light turns red.

What was used as a weapon?Missing revolver case
What opportunity did the act make possible?Duel in the ruin
What is the underlying motive for the act?Letter to Mr. Boddington

You can now let Magda von Staub go or bring her to the police. If you release them, you will receive the trophy “mercy before justice”. If you take her to the police, Jon will be mad at you.

The iron coffin – side case

Overhears the ladies in the police foyer and circles the words “Death in the safe”, “Protests his innocence” and “Company Armor Copello”. Go to the prison wing, which was normally always locked, and look for Mr. Copello. In order to fulfill Jon’s task, you must always remain in the role of the policeman.

Observation – Mr. Copello (Four Clues):

  • eyes
  • necktie
  • Wedding ring on the left hand
  • Bruising on the right hand
  • Result: pragmatic

Equip the evidence “Basilo Capello’s testimony” and talk to his wife at the police station, which is waiting in the inspector’s office.

Observation – Augusta Capello (three-pointers):

  • face
  • Harp pin
  • Ring finger
  • Result: Emotional person

Then look for the night watchman. It is located in the company building on Adler St, east of St. Clemens Cathedral in Scaladio. After the conversation, search the room and take a look at the safe and the letter with the safe combination. Ask Lloyd about the combination and Mr. and Mrs. Capello’s behavior. Then go upstairs and thanks to your police uniform, your colleague gives you a free hand.

Investigation – corpse Nicoló Detti (five clues):

  • face
  • Wound on the head
  • Bloody hand
  • Open clothes
  • Blood on the vault door

Investigation – Chimney Table (Three Hints):

  • Wine
  • Glass
  • Glass below the table

Talk to Lloyd about the corpse again, even if Sherlock is already massively annoyed. Examines the evidence of “Nicolo Detti’s corpse” and analyzes the foam. This is said to come from alcohol poisoning.

Investigation – Augusta’s Desk (Three Clues):

  • Concert program
  • Mr. Copello’s message to Augusta
  • Two theater tickets for Othello

Investigation – Basilio’s Desk (Four Clues):

  • Heir to the Detti family
  • Letter from the family attorney
  • Basilio Corpello’s organizer
  • key

Talk to Lloyd one more time about the keys, the dates, and the message. Equip the evidence “Burglary at Armor Capello” and go into the backyard. Examine the railing and grass in the KM. There you will find burglar tools.

Since there is no more to be found here, start in the direction of the police station and go to the archive there. Search on the following attributes to receive an item from Felicia Sevigne.

Burglary at Armor CapelloGroup of peopleSuspects
Burglary at Armor CapellocrimeProperty crimes
Burglary at Armor CapelloHintsTools of crime

Find Clay St in Miners End and disguise yourself as a bandit. At an intersection there you hear two men talking about the backyard gang. Hear the following words: “Beggar Informant”, “Marketplace on Market Rd” and “Limping Informant”.

It is up to you whether you complete Jon’s task beforehand or go straight to the hiding place. If you go to the market, look for a man with a cloth over his mouth who is standing in front of a door on the market square. However, he only lets you in in the right disguise as a tramp. This will give you the “Gossip Friendship” trophy.

At the hiding place, you have to open the door with the skull and fight against the gang of thugs. After that, you will automatically end up in her cell with Felicia Sevigne. Therefore, make sure to put on the police uniform beforehand.

Observation – Felicia Sevigne (Three clues):

  • chain
  • shoulder
  • Torn pants
  • Result: Shows off

Since you’re already in prison, you can also pay Mr. Capello a visit and work off a list of evidence:

  • Felicia Sevigne testimony
  • Organizer
  • Mr. Copello’s message to Augusta
  • Reminder regarding the safe combination
  • Profile Augusta Capello

And finally, Mrs. Capello asks her about Nicoló Detti. Sherlock’s remarks were on point. If you have pretended to be a police officer, you will automatically receive the “Pseudo bull” trophy. You can talk to her husband about Mrs. Capello’s testimony. However, you now have enough evidence to choose a culprit.

Felicia, however, is being interrogated by the local police and is no longer available to you. The real murderer is Mrs. Copello. Select the correct evidence, otherwise, the case is closed but with a flawed conclusion. Several pieces of evidence are correct this time, so you can choose one of them.

What opportunity did the act open up?Felicia Sevigne’s testimony
What was used as a weapon?Letter to Felicia Sergvigla
What is the underlying motive for the act?Augusta Capello’s testimony, or Mr. Capello’s letter to Augusta

You can put the blame on Mr. Copello too, since you have enough evidence. In retrospect, however, this suspicion turns out to be false. You can also let Mrs. Copello go, which Jon will be happy about, or persuade her to admit.

The Singing of the Sirens – Side Case

Behind the Drinking Dutchman, listens to two soldiers talking about a corpse near the beach. This automatically unlocks a marker on the map. Find the drowned soldier marker in Miner’s End next to the Greek bridge and go down to the beach to find the body.

Here you not only have to examine the corpse, but also the area around it. Take a look at the grinding marks in front of the corpse and the bottle with the siren label that lies next to it. Examine these in the chemical analysis to find traces of cyanide.

Investigation – Corpse (Four Clues):

  • face
  • Kiss print on the head
  • Left hand
  • Boots

In addition to the sailor, you will also find several shoe prints that you can take a closer look at in the KM. Follow the trail until it ends at the jetty. There you will find a cigarette with a lipstick print on it. Now go to the officer and tell him about your suspicions. Then travel to Cordana Police Station and look in the archives for the latest incident.

Another drunk sailorcrimecomplaints
Another drunk sailorGroup of peoplevictim
Another drunk sailorDistrictsScaladio

Now go to the park, which was automatically marked on the map, and examine the three benches and the fountain there.

Evidence Numberproofs
2Neckerchief, tobacco pouch, and notice with an admonition
3Newspaper, cigarette, and broken bottle
4thCap, cigarette, and wine bottle

Then reconstruct the act. The lady approaches the sailors and tries to fill him up afterward. Finally, she pushes him down the well and smokes a cigarette. Then take another look at the fountain and inspect the fork, coins, and matches.

Then travels to the Drinking Dutchman at Victoria Bridge and, disguised as a sailor, talks to the barman to get a room. So that you can unlock the trophy “On the trail of the curse”, you have to visit the third dead sailor at the Grant Sparrow Club. However, since this has nothing to do with the case, this task is optional.

Go up to the room where the drunken sailor sleeps like a rock and take the opportunity to search the room.

Examination – armchair (two clues):

  • Image of team
  • Letter from Elisa

You have to wear the sailor outfit, the sailor hat, and the Captain Ahab beard in order to get to Elisa. In a sailor’s outfit, ask someone in the area about the garden of bliss and travel there. Elisa is waiting for you at the beginning of the street, should she ignore you, you have equipped the wrong proof.

You have to examine the wine in her room and water the plants with it in the next roomAs soon as you have examined the two desks, Elisa will automatically appear. Since she confesses everything, all you have to do is decide whether you feel sorry for her or hand her over to the police.

String to string – minor case

To unlock this case, you either have to eavesdrop on the two men in front of the police station or look at the violin search posters. Then look for Anthony Jones on Professor’s Rd north of Adler St in Scaladio.

In a doorway with a brick design, you will find the dark-skinned man who is brushing off the search poster. Talk to him and he will invite you to his house. In the office, examines the broken lock mechanism in the KM, the cover of the piano, the music stand, and the certificates.

Investigation – Broken Showcase (Five Clues):

  • Violin bow
  • Scraps of fabric with white spots
  • Blood stain
  • Smashed bottle
  • lock

Examine a scrap of cloth in the chemical analysis and you will find traces of salt and gunpowder on it. Finally, talk to Mr. Jones again and then equip the evidence “blood trail” and follow it in the KM. The trail ends with the fruit trader’s child. Examine the ground and then speak to the child. It is up to you whether you blame him for the theft or not.

In any case, you are no longer just looking for a violin, but also a donkey. Asks the people in the Ottoman outfit directly across from the small trader. Go forward to the archway and examine the donkey tracks in the KM.

Follow the tracks to the hat, the banana, and the whiskey bottle, which will eventually lead you to the wet whiskers and the donkey. By the way, don’t forget to let the boy know later.

For now, you overhear the two men and circle the words “Raging in the pub”, “Some sailors” and “Guests scared”. After a short brawl, you find the violin on a barstool and can give it back to Mr. Jones.

In the end, listen to the melody, equip it as evidence and look at the sheet of music in the KM. Talk to him and end the case. As a reward, you not only get the money but also the violin and with it the trophy “His first gem.

Street Magic – Side Case

On Harbor Ave between Fairy St and Thunder Rd, you will find two men gossiping at a destroyed magic booth. Circle the words “Accused of Lying,” “Assaulted and Persecuted,” and “Fortune Telling Boy”. Then examine the status:

Investigation – Magic Stand (Six Clues):

  • amethyst
  • Tarot cards
  • poster
  • Magic hat

After your inspection, listen to Jon and put on the magic hat to later unlock the “Hocus Pocus” trophy. Then follow the trail in the KM until you find the boy on the river bank.

Observation – Sorcerer (Four Clues):

  • throat
  • belly
  • Amber beads
  • hands
  • Result: bored rich child

Listen to the child’s story and then select the dialogue option “This is called” deduction “and give him the advice you think is right. A small but nice side case with a surprising ending.

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