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Farming Simulator 22: Planting & Harvesting Grape Vines & Olive Trees



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Are you excited about the new crops introduced in FS 22? Grapes and olives offer a fresh experience for players, and in this user-friendly guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully cultivate and achieve the highest harvest yield.

Planting Grapevines and Olive Groves

To start, open the construction mode and navigate to the “Plantations” tab in the “Production” section. Here, you’ll find the options to choose grapevines and olive trees. Keep in mind that these crops can only be grown during specific times of the year, depending on the in-game harvest calendar.

Once you’ve made your selection, click on a free area in your field. It’s best to choose a meadow area for this purpose. Begin by placing the first stake/tree and pulling a grapevine or an olive grove over the field. Complete the row by adding another stake/tree at the end.

For subsequent rows, you can place them right next to the previous one, but make sure to maintain a minimum distance. Each stake/tree should be sufficiently far away from the previous row. This parallel arrangement is necessary to ensure easy cultivation, fertilization, and harvesting between the rows.

Mulching, Cultivating & Fertilizing for High Yields

To maximize your grape and olive yields, special care is required. You can find suitable devices in the FS 22 shop under “Grape / Olive Technology” or explore the suggested machines in the “packages” menu.

Start by using a mulcher (e.g., attached to a Fendt 211 V Vario) to remove any grass that has grown between the rows of vines and olive groves. Next, cultivate the soil with the Disc-O-Vigne V (remember to lower it into the ground) and apply fertilizer between the rows. These steps will ensure optimal growth for your olives and grapes.

During the first planting, 50% of your crops are automatically fertilized. Therefore, you only need to fertilize one more time. In subsequent harvests, remember to fertilize twice to maintain a 100% yield.

Harvesting Olives & Grapes

When it comes to harvesting, FS 22 offers special New Holland brand machines specifically designed for grapes (New Holland Braud 9070L) and olives (New Holland Braud 9090X). If you’re low on funds, you can also use the money cheat in FS 22 to purchase these machines.

Drive alongside the vines and groves with the harvesting machines and transfer the olives or grapes onto a trailer for collection. While any trailer can be used for olives, there is specialized equipment available for grapes. Once harvested, you have the option to sell your products directly at a sales outlet or transport it to a processing facility, such as for grape juice production.

Proper Maintenance: Pruning Grapevines

After the harvest, it’s essential to prune grapevines using a foliage cutter. This important step prepares the vines for the next season, allowing them to grow unhindered. Please note that olives do not require pruning

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