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Farming Simulator 22: Spraying the field with fertilizer and lime, machinery needed



Farming Simulator 22: Spraying the field with fertilizer and lime, machinery needed

Once you have dealt with the weeds and planted the field, it is time to spray it to increase the yield in your area – fertilizers divided into several categories and lime. Before getting to the bottom of it, remember that spraying is not mandatory to harvest your crops – otherwise, the amount of grain or root crops harvested will only be less (23% to be exact) than after fertilization / liming.


For high crop efficiency, you should be interested in fertilizers first (you can sprinkle them by buying them, from which we distinguish:

  • Liquid fertilizers, i.e. those that you buy in the store as a Big bag and spread on the field thanks to the fertilizer spreaders (after buying a pallet, drive under the pallet with the said tool and start loading).
  • Natural fertilizers, i.e. those you receive from your animals. Pigs and cows generate manure, which you can then use as fertilizer – you need a pigsty and a manure spreader or (depending on the situation) slurry tanks, so there is a bit of a hassle with this.
  • Plant fertilizer, i.e. a method for oilseed radish – mark a field that has not been fertilized for a long time and sows a radish on it. Once you notice that it is starting to grow (you will notice it by the thick green leaves), use a cultivator to destroy it. This will make your field’s fertilization rate 100%.

If you decide to buy a fertilizer spreader, the matter is very simple. However, note that these more expensive seeders or planters have an implemented system that allows you to fertilize and sow the field at the same time. Such tools are marked with a bag icon with a leaf drawn in the center.

It is best to fertilize at least once - after cultivation and before planting. If you want, you can use the fertilizer twice to increase the yield even more (the second time during the first phase of plant growth). Remember, however, that you have to repeat these activities after each harvest because fertilization then returns to its initial state, i.e. round zero.


Liming is another element that increases the efficiency of the harvest. However, it is definitely less important, so if you have to choose between fertilizers (23% times 2 for double fertilization) and lime (15%), definitely turn to the former.

Liming takes place every three harvests and you are informed about it – whether it is when you go under the field and read information from the lower right area, or by checking the soil condition on a map. For liming, you need a special machine in the fertilizer spreaders section with a white lump icon next to it. It is she who indicates that you can load lime here.

Once equipped, buy BigBags or pallets of lime and move towards the field that needs this mineral. Remember that liming – as opposed to fertilization – is needed in the soil every 3 harvests. So it turns out that liming is not expensive, and allows for long-term efficiency of up to 15%.

You cannot turn off fertilization and lime in the game options in order to get more crops!

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