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Farming Simulator 22: A field, how to buy or sell?



Farming Simulator 22: A field, how to buy or sell?

After starting the game in Farming Simulator 22, you need to buy a tractor and the necessary machines. However, you have to use them somewhere, or at least store them in a safe place – for this you will need a box that is easier to buy than you might think.

When you go to the map, you will notice the entire region you are currently in. Obviously, the most space is taken up by the numbered fields you can buy (including harvest-ready ones – filter the map to the “growth” category to see which regions are ready for harvest) – as long as you have enough money. The game does not have any competing companies that can also purchase the fields, so all of them are yours.

To go to the shopping menu, after attaching the map, click the left analog and then the right one to interact with the area you are interested in. Note that it often comes with all kinds of buildings or forested regions that will be yours, if you decide to buy this plot. You can check its price at the bottom of the screen.

Selling a box is as simple as buying it – except for one point that I touched on in the next paragraph. Enter the shopping menu and this time press the right analog on the field that already belongs to you (it is marked blue on the map). Below you will find out (thanks to the automatically calculated value) how much money you will receive for this transaction.

Remember, however, that in order to get rid of a plot of land, you must remove all machines that belong to you. This applies to tractors, plows, seeders, etc. If you do not do this, the sale will be blocked until these elements are moved to another place.

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