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Farming Simulator 22: Animals, sales, when to get rid of them?



Farming Simulator 22 Cows don't give milk: What to do?

In Farming Simulator 22, apart from buying animals, you can also sell them. Breeding does not have to be limited only to obtaining dairy products or liquid manure needed for the development of the farm, but also to selling some individuals for meat.

It is worth selling mature pigs. You can also add cows (still profitable business) or roosters (very poorly profitable business considering that roosters do not increase the number of eggs or speed up the reproduction of hens).

To view the price of an animal, go to the farm you are interested in and go to the management screen. On the right, you will find cattle located in the pasture – if you want to sell any of them, double-click on their icon.

Then you can mark how many animals you want to sell and how much money you will get for it. The price of a cow/pig depends on its health (in addition, to the highest, 100% of the price, it must be an adult, i.e. be 18 months old – do not sell the younger ones before that time). If you regularly add water and any food to your pen, animal traders will pay you the full amount for each individual.

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