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The Sinking City offers a free trial on Xbox Series X | S



The Sinking City offers a free trial on Xbox Series X | S

Good news, The Sinking City is now offering a free trial on Xbox Series X | S. The Sinking City is possibly one of those games that you have seen advertised but have never tried and this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in an interesting game that will offer you a unique adventure. It has recently been reissued on Xbox Series X | S, and for gamers to be able to test the game, a free trial has appeared in the Microsoft Store, a version that you will find in the trial.

When the game was re-released the update was not free for Xbox One owners due to an ongoing legal battle with developer Frogwares and Nacon over the game’s publishing rights.

The Sinking City offers a free trial

Now that The Sinking City offers a free trial, it is a good excuse for owners of next-gen consoles to see how the game works after its update. With the Xbox Series X | S versions, you’ll see up to 4K resolution, 60fps support, and improved load times. Each of these features can make this game an experience that many would like to try.

The game launches you on a Lovecraftian horror adventure, as you explore and investigate the town of Oakmont. If a different experience is what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong by taking a look at the free trial that is now available.

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