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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How to Increase your Loot Luck



Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How to Increase your Loot Luck

The Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a Borderlands game and this game has a lot of legendary loot and weapons. But these gears and weapons don’t come easily. You have to play through the main campaign mission and side quests both to get good weapons. The drop rate of the legendary weapon is way lower so you do have to take down a lot of quests to find good weapons. Because cooler and overpowered weapons bring more fun to the game.

Now there is a term in this game called “Loot Luck”, which means the loot you get will be dependent on the luck level your character has. The Loot Luck of the character can be checked right under the character stats. There is a lot of loot drop in this game but you rarely get something good. That’s because of the loot luck of the character. There are various ways to increase the loot luck and you’ll increase the chances of finding legendary loot and weapons either from the World Drops and Dedicated Drops. We’ll guide you through the methods to get your character Loot Luck high.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How to Increase your Loot Luck

Methods to Increase Loot Luck

Now you can do any method to increase the loot luck but only a single method won’t bring much difference as it only increases the percentage of your loot luck but if you do more methods and all of the percentages combine, that’ll make a lot of difference on the lot you get from the drops.

Lucky Dice

Lucky dice are like golden dice and It is 12 sided dice and is often hidden in different places like caves, behind breakable walls, cliffs, etc. They are collectibles in the game and they specifically increase the loot luck of the character. There is a total of 260 Lucky Dice in the world. Each one you collect will give you a bonus in luck so the more you collect the more rare items you can get from the loot. If you collect all 260 Lucky Dice you’ll get a 20% bonus in loot luck.

Completing Shrines

Another method is to complete the shrine challenges in the overworld. There are various types of shrines that enhance different stats of the character. There are luck shrines also in the overworld which include Aaron G Shrine. To complete the shrine you have to collect the four pieces of shrines to restore the temple and complete the challenge. It’ll give a permanent 10% bonus on the Loot luck for your character.


Amulets will be unlocked after you complete the “ Emotion of the Ocean” quest. There is an Amulet named “Raging Sapphire of the Headstrong” which will give you a bonus on the loot luck. You can collect different amulets throughout the game to keep increasing your loot luck.

Chaos Chamber

After you’ve finished your main story once you’ll unlock Chaos Chamber. Chaos Chamber has different Chaos Levels that you’ve to complete and you’ll get legendary loot regardless of your loot luck. But as you clear the chaos levels it’ll increase the difficulty on chaos levels and also gives you a bonus on your loot luck.

Myth Rank

After you reach level 40 on your character you’ll open Myth Rank in-game. As you gather experience from Myth Rank you can assign points to different Constellations. Select the Druid Constellation as it increases the loot luck.

Level Up

You can also Increase the loot luck character as you increase your character level. Loot luck increases gradually with the level of the character so for the beginning, you can just level up and get some bonus on the loot luck.

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