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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How does Multiclassing work



Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How does Multiclassing work

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a class from a total of six classes to continue the game with that class. But later in the game, you can unlock Multiclass which allows you to select a secondory class from the remaining five classes. You’ll unlock it after you complete the story campaign mission “Emotion of the Ocean”. Once you completed it your character would be able to choose the secondary class.


The Classes you have when you start the game are:



Once you have chosen any one class from these classes you have to play with one class and once you’ve unlocked the secondary class then that’s where the fun begins. Because it can be so badass with two classes coming into your play style throughout the game.

When your character chooses the second class, your Fatemaker will gain the ability to use Feats of both classes. As an example. The Spore Warden’s Blizzard Action Skill will allow characters with Rage of Ancient class Feat if the second class is Brr-Zerker. Rage of Ancient causes your fatemaker to enrage and he does more frost damage that enhances the Frost Cyclones of the Spore Warden’s Blizzard.


You have to decide when you gain a skill point then you have to spend in either one of your classes. You’ll need to pick and choose carefully where to allocate them. As you invest more points into your skill tree you’ll unlock more sections with stronger effects at your disposal as you further commit to a given class.

If you ever want to rearrange your skill points you can do that at any quick change station for the gold. Choose both primary and secondary classes very carefully because it makes a huge impact on the different ways that your Fatemaker can fight.


Once you’ve completed the main story game it’ll give you the option to change your secondary class. But the primary class that you’ve chosen at the start of the game will remain the same. You can change secondary class and can choose both the Feats to make a more suitable Fatemaker that you want. You can test different techniques to fight as you need them in the Chaos Chamber and Myth Rank.

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