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Rune Factory 5: Best Trick for Money Farm



Rune Factory 5: Best Trick for Money Farm

In Rune Factory 5 upgrading different things around town to get special items unlocked can take a lot of money. If you want to upgrade your house or buy things for the house can cost you a lot. If you’re going on an adventure, you definitely need cures and potions to help you along the way which can be costly. So, there is a little method in this game that can make you rich early in-game.

What you have to do is first make some failed dishes that’ll get you low on health. Just make enough that’ll get you low but don’t kill you. Put the dishes in your bag for later use. Now you have to get to a party with Elsje. As Elsje would have a smiley face icon in the friendship list meaning she is not a romanceable character and increasing the level with her can take a lot of time. But with the Companion Crest, she doesn’t have to be Level 3 to get into a party with you.

Go to Rigbarth’s Restaurant and talk to her and choose “Let’s go to an Adventure!”. She will join you in your adventure.

Rune Factory 5: Best Trick for Money Farm

Now you can pick a place where you want to go with her on an adventure, you can choose any place but our trick can be done on the Phoros Woodlands so you can take her there. After wrapping in the Phoros Woodlands start eating your failed dishes which will reduce your health.

You can also take a fight with the enemies in that area that will make Elsje to throw food at you that’ll restore your health but you have to dodge the food that she’s throwing and just collect it. You have to keep fighting until Elsje drops a very rare item “Royal Curry”. Royal Curry is something that you cannot buy or even make yourself so, it’s a pretty rare item. Grab the Royal Curry and store it in your Bag.

Now go back to your place and put the Royal Curry in your Shipping Bin. It’ll give you 500,000G on the next day in-game. You’ll get 500,000G on every sale of the Royal Curry.

Rune Factory 5: Best Trick for Money Farm

By doing this trick you can get rich in way less time and early in-game and you can upgrade your barns, fields, house, shops, etc.

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