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Rune Factory 5: Fruit Trees Seeds Spawn Locations



Rune Factory 5: Fruit Trees Seeds Spawn Locations

In Rune Factory 5 there are many types of fruits that you can find in the world and many of them you can grow on your farm. But to grow you have to get the seeds of that fruit. Now seeds can be purchased from Serendipity General Store or Flowerstruck Shop. But some trees seeds cannot be purchased from shops as in fact nobody sells them. These seeds are apples, oranges, and grapes.

Foresight Crest

You can get these fruits daily from the Phoros Woodlands but what if you can grow them on your farm. Well, you can find these fruits seeds they are just hidden. These seeds are one of the items from the hidden items. To spot the hidden items you need to have a Foresight Crest. Livia will give you the Foresight Crest as you level up your SEED Rank. SEED Rank can be easily leveled up by catching wanted monsters, winning festivals, doing requests of different persons, and shipping items. You just have to equip the foresight crest once you have it and you’ll be able to find these hidden seeds.

You can also have a companion with you if you don’t have a foresight crest but companions can go away from the exact location of the hidden items so it is better to have a foresight crest as it helps you find more accurately.

Spawn Location

The first fruit seed spawn location is in the Phoros Woodlands near the orange tree. Go on the east path and then turn south to the dead end and there’ll be a tree stump. Go near the tree stump and interact with it and you’ll find a random fruit seed. The seed you’ll find is always random, sometimes it can be an apple seed or maybe sometimes some other fruit seed.

Rune Factory 5: Fruit Trees Seeds Spawn Locations

The second fruit seed spawn location is in Kelve Volcanic Region, you’ll find the seed on a winding tree trunk with moss on it. You can find this tree on the northeast side of the northernmost pond of water which is next to Skeleton of Dinosaur.

Rune Factory 5: Fruit Trees Seeds Spawn Locations

It’ll also be a random seed so you can come again may find another type of fruit seed at this location.

But the spawn of fruit seeds on their spawn location is not daily so, you won’t find seed sometime as you go there the next day but it’ll spawn again and again so you can check after every like 2 or 3 in-game days. While planting seeds just make a 2-by-2 area it’ll be enough space for a seed to be planted.

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