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“He seemed untouchable”: Ubisoft chief creative producer suspended from work after harassment allegations



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The company Ubisoft suspended the work of two top executives on the background of massive allegations of harassment and inappropriate behavior towards employees. We are talking about Serge Haskoet and Yannis Malate.

The dismissal of the first caused the greatest resonance. According to Jason Schreyer, Bloomberg editor, Serge Haskoet was one of the key representatives of Ubisoft – he was responsible for the production of all the company’s games, including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs series, acting as the main creative producer.

“For Ubisoft, this is a very serious step. Haskoet was responsible for ALL the company’s games. His only word was enough to give the project a green light or cancel it,” Schreier wrote.

According to the investigative journalist, who is now preparing another piece of information about Ubisoft’s internal kitchen, Haskoet seemed to the ordinary employees of the company “untouchable” – no one believed that he could be fired even if there were too many charges.

“It’s awesome,” Schreyer added, commenting on CEO Yves Guillot’s decision to break up with Haskoet.

Another detached top manager, Yannis Mallat, led the Canadian division of Ubisoft, where many of the company’s key hits were created. Recently, however, such a large number of employees at Ubisoft Canada Studios have reported an inappropriate workplace atmosphere that the publisher simply cannot continue to work with Mallat, the statement said.

Amid the chaos at Ubisoft and the massive complaints, Cecil Cornett, global director of the company’s personnel management department, announced her resignation, essentially admitting that she could not cope with the work. She concluded that her decision would benefit the manufacturer.

Several major publications continue to investigate the “horrors of Ubisoft.” The French newspaper Liberation reports that it knows about 100+ cases of unacceptable behavior in the studios of the publishing house. They range from harassment to rape, both in the workplace and outside the office. Journalists write that Haskoet “acted like a god”, allowed himself a lot of excess and did not try to interfere with illegal actions in relation to ordinary employees by other managers. About half the cases of harassment, the HR department allegedly knew, but he did not try to rectify the situation.

Ubisoft President Yves Guillot announced that after Haskoet’s dismissal, he will temporarily take over his post. A search is now underway for new specialists and a complete internal transformation of the company is underway. The ultimate goal is to create the most open and inclusive workplace, where there is no place for toxicity and harassment, and all cases will be quickly monitored thanks to the new complaints system.

Earlier, vice presidents of the production department were removed from work at Ubisoft.

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