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Wordle tricks: Tips to know how to always guess the word and know what word it is today



Wordle tricks: Tips to know how to always guess the word and know what word it is today

Turned into one of the great sensations of 2022, the word guessing game Wordle has probably already reached your social networks without really knowing how it works. Luckily, we are here to help you so that you know how to play Wordle, tips to guess words, how to always win and know what word is today.

How to play Wordle

To be able to play Wordle you simply have to go to its page and start typing five-letter words until you find the solution. You have six attempts to complete the challenge and you just have to follow these simple rules.

The green letters will indicate that they are and are in the correct place, the yellow ones that are correct but not in their place, and the gray ones will tell you which letters are not in the word for that day. Once you can guess the word, you can share your results on social networks like Twitter.

Tips for guessing words

If you want to win in Wordle without cheating, the easiest thing is to get as much information as possible in the first two attempts and, after that, use the next four to try to guess the rest.

The two words you should use at the beginning are ADIEU and MYTHS. The first one will tell you which vowel is used and, if none of those appear, the only thing you will have to do is use O and Y to guess the word.

This is where the second attempt with MYTHS comes into play, which will finish giving clues about the use of the O and will also allow you to guess some of the most common letters in the Anglo-Saxon language. From there you will have halfway done to win.

How to always win by cheating

There are three ways to cheat in Wordle. There are more creepy and there are fairer, but make no mistake, all of them are traps and in the end, they make part of the fun of the game be lost. They are as follows:

  • Playing incognito mode – endless opportunities to guess the word.
  • Know all the words in Wordle: you can look at the source code to find a list of all the words.
  • Find the solution: it is easy to find the word of the day if you search for Wordle in your social networks or browser search engine.

What word is it in Wordle today?

As we have explained in our list of tricks to always win in Wordle when you search for ” word of the day in Wordle ” or ” Wordle Answer ” in social networks or your favorite search engine you will find which word of the day is the one you are looking for.

The trick of Wordle is that all players share the same word, so the solution will always be the same for everyone, thus being able to go ahead to get the Wordle solution with the fewest possible attempts.

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