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Worldless: Review – A Cosmic Platformer Metroidvania



Worldless Review

Worldless is a 2D Platformer role-playing game with a unique turn-based combat system developed and published by Coatsink. Unlike the obvious Metroidavania genre game, Worldless takes a new approach to a so-called simple 2D Platformer game and turns it into a unique Platformer game with various abilities that are used to traverse through the brand-new open world of cosmic created by two different realms. This is our review of Worldless.

Worldless Review

Worldless game starts with the creation of a newborn world created by the natural attraction of two different realms on a cosmic level. The character looks like it is made up of disconnected limbs and blobs connected with blue/orange lightning who is in search of its destiny in the expansive space filled with various platforms and paths. Speaking of paths, at first, it does look like there is a linear path that will take you ahead in the game but clearly, that is not the case as the spacious world map is attached to several levels which will make you scratch your head what to explore first.

Each level cannot be simply reached as some of them are way high up in the sky or far from each other so you will have to first acquire several abilities like dash, double jump, etc. The level designing of the platforms from which you traverse to other areas of the cosmic world is so mind-boggling yet satisfying that it will impress you instantly on performing the perfect use of the abilities. The use of environmental elements is essential for traversing in the Worldless and they often help you discover a secret that might get you an orb that can be used to upgrade the skills of your character.

Before we talk about the skills system, the selling point for me about this game is the unique turn-based combat system. You will not get to see a turn-based combat system in every Metroidvania genre game and I was very excited when I first heard about and let me tell you, it is phenomenal. It isn’t like a normal grid turn-based system instead it’s a time-based system. When you engage in combat, you will get to select either use a physical or magic attack on the combat. Upon selecting the attack type, a bar will appear under the character that acts as a time for your turn. Unleash the attacks on the enemy before the time runs out and once it does, the turn will change and you will get to select a defense option before the enemy attacks you. Selecting the defense option will either allow you to shield yourself to mitigate or completely nullify the damage or parry the enemy attack which can be essential in difficult fights. As you deplete the enemy’s HP during your turns, it will start a brief minigame at the end on which you have to press a series of buttons shown on the screen along with a secret hidden button to perform a finisher on the enemy.

The combat system of Worldless is definitely unique and adds a whole new inspiration for upcoming platform games in the future. Now, let’s talk about how to further improve your combat in the game. It is done via the Skill Tree of the character which is also made up of limbs and blobs with two different kinds of orbs needed to upgrade the skill. As you explore the areas and discover several mysteries in the area, you will be able to find either a blue or orange orb that you can use to upgrade a skill of the character. Upgrading the skills helps massively in combat, especially against the difficult enemies and yes, the enemies are difficult in Worldless as they require a proper set of strategies built upon the selection of attacks and defenses to defeat them.

Falling against a foe in combat gets you straight back to the point where you will get to encounter the enemy again but you can also choose to explore further to find orbs to upgrade the skills. The world map of Worldless is expansive and designed incredibly but the inability of fast-traveling around the areas makes the adventure prolonged without any viable reason. There is also a lack of guidance in the game which will leave you completely alone to figure out the way yourself which is usually appreciated by a very low percentage of gamers so, it is a good thing for the gamers who like to explore the game on their own but players who like to be handheld in the adventure will face several issues in figuring out the path and even the basic UI design of the map in the game.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Worldless is genuinely a step up from the usual 2D Platformer games which only offer the hack-and-slash combat system with progression across various areas. The unique approach to building up your character with advanced skills and abilities will impress you throughout the game and the feeling of defeating a difficult boss is nothing less than defeating a boss in Souls-like games. The sound and music design of Worldless are exceptional as there is nothing better than the piano melodies playing in the back as you explore the spacey fields.

Worldless is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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