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5 LEGO projects based on Animal Crossing that could come true



5 LEGO projects based on Animal Crossing that could come true

We present to you 5 fan projects of Animal Crossing made with LEGO that, if they receive enough votes, could become official sets. Which one do you like the most?

Animal Crossing is a saga that raises authentic devotion among its fans. And thanks to the highly successful latest installment for Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s now more popular than ever.

Project no 1

So it’s no wonder that the LEGO Ideas initiative, which allows fans to design their own LEGO sets that can later become real, has been filled with proposals based on Animal Crossing. At the end of the day, one of the keys to the game is to build your island, so doing it in LEGO would be a logical step …

In order to be considered by LEGO, a project must reach 10,000 votes. And for now, the one that carries the most is this reproduction of the Timmy and Tommy Store (the Mini Nook), with more than 8,000 votes. If you want this project to come to light, you can vote for it here.

Project no 2

This reproduction of the island’s Aerodrome, with a palm tree and the hydroplane, does not go far in detail. It is almost identical to the game! At the moment, It only has 695 votes, but you can support the creator of this project here.

Project no 3

This other project is not so bad it has gained (more than 2,000 votes), and it presents the tent where you start the game, a tree with apples and many accessories, such as a seashell, a campfire, tools, the mailbox, and rock, plus three villagers (including a wolf). vote here.

Project no 4

This project, which currently only has 200 votes, reimagines in-game buildings, such as the town hall, the museum, and shops, in the LEGO Architecture style, although it also has many pieces to form roads, trees and waters, with which that you can create a model of your town. You can support it here.

Project no 5

Finally, this original project, which is close to a thousand votes, imagines the characters of Animal Crossing as large LEGO figures. The house, tree, and accessories such as the pool table or a picnic table are not missing. Includes figures from Totakeke, Cinnamon, Tom Nook, Socrates, and even Raymond. You can support it here.

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