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5 things you need to do before you get your Xbox Series X/S to be ready the day you receive it



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We leave you with these 5 things to do before you get your Xbox Series X/S so you’re ready the day you get it.

The launch of the new generation of Xbox consoles is just around the corner, although some users have reported that they have already received their consoles; the Xbox team is aware of this and does not put any obstacles in the way of starting to play. But launch day is almost here, on November 10th.

While you may already have everything ready and planned in terms of games and accessories you will release with the new hardware from Microsoft, it is recommended that those who will be transitioning from Xbox One to the new Xbox Series X and Series S prepare for the change as soon as possible.

Move your games to external storage

Perhaps the most obvious and straightforward thing to do is to get your games ready, Microsoft has a strong emphasis on backward compatibility and there will be improvements to Xbox Series X games. The process is quite simple if you have an external device, you can move your Xbox One games from your hard drive, connect the device to your Xbox Series X and start playing right away. Alternatively, you can download them back to your console, but this would take less time.

As this is quite simple, press the “guide” button down to Profile and System and select Settings. Go to System and select Storage, there you will have to point out the internal storage and choose Move or Copy. Check on the screen that you have chosen the connected external storage and you can start choosing the games you want to move.

Manage your saved screenshots and videos

Even if everything you’ve captured, either in pictures or video, has been uploaded to Xbox Live or RRSS, you may have run out of space in the Xbox cloud or you may want to take all your captures and videos with you on the next generation of Xbox consoles.

If you are planning on selling your old Xbox One or disconnecting it in pursuit of the new Xbox – which makes sense since all Xbox games will be playable on the new Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S – you may have a certain fondness for it; you leave nothing behind that is important.

Download the Xbox app

You may already have it if you have been an Xbox 360 or Xbox One user, as it has been given a redesign, but if that hasn’t been the case download it before you turn on your Xbox Series X or Series S. With the Xbox app you can immediately pair up the new console and handle the setup process without any problems.

What will this do? Well, to be able to transfer all your presets on Xbox One without having to do it manually on the new Xbox. This will make it quick and easy for you to start playing your games and even download and install everything faster.

Make sure you have your login details and identification checked in two steps

Do you remember your password for your Microsoft/Xbox account, or are you the one that starts automatically everywhere and doesn’t remember anymore? Rest assured that on the new Xbox system you will have to start from scratch with this before you can even start configuring the console.

Otherwise, you also have the option to click on “I’ve forgotten my password”, in order to reset one again, although this will cause it to be unsynchronised on all the sites that have your account active. Keep in mind that on the day of departure there will be many users who, perhaps, this will happen to them, in case Microsoft’s servers suffer and you have to wait for a little.

Have the space for the console ready

Xbox Series X isn’t as big as PS5, but it’s still big, so even if you can fit your new Xbox Series S in any well-ventilated space, it won’t be that easy with Series X. We’ve known the dimensions of both consoles for quite some time, but it all comes into play when we have to look for a gap in the truth.

So remember, a well-ventilated space where it doesn’t get in the way of anyone and doesn’t interrupt the function by an accidental knock or something similar. We remind you that, in the case of Xbox Series X, its dimensions are 15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm, while Xbox Series S has a size of 6.5cm x 15.1cm x 27.5cm.

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