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64GB Nintendo switch game cards might be coming in 2020



64GB Nintendo switch game cards might be coming in 2020

Due to technical issues, the 64GB version of the Nintendo Switch game card was postponed, but according to this information it seems that it is getting ready.

These cartridges would undoubtedly be very useful for games with a really large download size, in order that an additional download on the console is not necessary to play them. Well, according to a recent rumor, these 64 GB cartridges could arrive in 2020.

Macronix International is an integrated device manufacturer in the non-volatile memory market. The company manufactures NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products for the consumer, communication, computing, automotive, and networking markets. Its headquarters are located in Taiwan

Macronix, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of special purpose memory solutions, will begin mass production of its 3D NAND memory card in the second half of next year. The company will be the first flash maker in Taiwan to produce its own 3D NAND.

The first customer of this Company will be Nintendo. To date, Nintendo has not yet shipped a 64GB card, so it may be a development that was waiting for Nintendo to finally make the 64GB card available.

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