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8 Dune Spice Wars Tips To Help You Get Started | Beginner’s Guide



8 Dune Spice Wars Tips To Help You Get Started | Beginner's Guide

Dune Spice Wars is a strategy-based video game and new strategic games can be hard to understand in what to do and how things work in the game. In this game, you have to do a lot of exploration on the planet Arrakis. In this guide, we will tell you the basic tips and tricks of the game that you should know in order to understand how things work in-game.


You’d have Refitted Ornithopter for exploring the different areas on the planet Arrakis. When you begin the search on an area for spice, it usually is close to the spawning position, find the spice and then you need to look for village territory in that area.

Taking Villages

If you find a spice resource then there would be a village territory nearby and to expand your territory, you need to take the village. In the early game, the villages that you’d found would have not much militia, it would be easy to take the village with your military. After taking the village you can expand it by the Water and Authority, these two are expansion-based resources.

Harvesting Spice

Spice is the most valuable resource in Dune Spice Wars. When you establish your village next to your spice then you’ll be able to produce a Harvester. After making the Spice harvester, you can deploy them from your establishment. You have to manually deploy them and redeploy them. They will only auto recall but don’t redeploy. You can also add crew to your harvesters.

Always Pay Tax

If you were wondering why spice is so important in this game, well because it is what you pay in form of tax. If you are unable to pay your taxes then it will result in lower Landsraad Standing.

It will also impact other yields as well most notably the exchange rate between spice and gold. Your economy rate will drop and the key to not facing this downward spiral is that pay your taxes. If you don’t pay your taxes, you produce less gold because you’re producing less spice. Gold is money in this game which is called Solari. If you don’t pay your taxes then rebels will turn up and take your territories and villages which will lead to not making resources. So first, pay your taxes then make money.

City Building

In the city territory, there are a lot of districts that can be built within it. In order to do that you need to level up your score which will be the Hegemony in this case. Once you’ve reached 2000 Hegemony by capturing villages, completing military conquests, and various other things. Then you can build different districts that would have bonuses as well. You can also stack multiple types of the same district within a district cluster.


The trading mechanic is very useful in this game as well as it is very easy to understand. It’s particularly useful in the early game where you may have certain weaknesses and strengths that you need to plug. The green arrows around the resources will indicate you how much they value to the trader. The red arrow will indicate that the trader is not interested in this resource.

For trade to be successful, you need at least 1 gold arrow in the middle going up. If there is no arrow going up or any of the arrows is going down then the trade will not be successful.


The Council put forward resolutions regularly throughout the game, every faction can vote using their votes which are determined by their standing with the council, and influence which is a yield that you can generate. It can be through your natural generation abilities as your house or through agents and espionage or even districts that you’ve built.

Some resolutions are called charters in the game which are more powerful than most. These can be seen on top, there is a total of 5 resolutions. You need to meet certain preconditions to get them. You’ll need your influence and depending on the charter extra skills or territories to go along with it. All these resolutions are very powerful and they all have their own benefits.

Operations & Agents

Agents are unlocked throughout the game actually determined by real life. At certain intervals, you’ll unlock more agents. Agents can be assigned to different postings and given different bonuses. They’ll also generate Intel which can be used to activate the abilities or effects called operations.

Each agent has its own abilities and promotions as well. You can assign the agents to different houses to infiltrate those houses, this will generate more intelligence on them. You can also infiltrate the different areas of the planet and other organizations that aren’t playable houses.

These were the few tips and tricks for the Dune Spice Wars real-time strategy-based game. Hope these tips would be useful for you to understand the game more.

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