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A girl pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New horizons with her first salary but won’t be able to play



A girl pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New horizons with her first salary but won't be able to play

We are all waiting for 20 March. The day when Animal Crossing: New horizons will be released. How fortunate are those who can buy and play their favorite games! But there are many people who can not fulfill their dreams. Caroline, a social media user is one of them. After getting a new job, she decided to pre-order Animal Crossing: New horizons with her first salary, but it seems that she will have nowhere to play. Her father considered such spending too serious a mistake and threatens to throw his daughter out on the street, because, apparently, he had his own plans for the money.

In Animal Crossing, the main character, who lives in a village of humanoid animals, has to perform small funny tasks – to fish, look for animal fossils, catch bugs and so on. However, after Caroline pre-ordered the game for $ 60, she received an SMS from her father.

Father: I saw what you did with your first salary …

Caroline: Yes, I pre-ordered Animal Crossing because I was waiting for the opportunity to play it for seven years, and I bought Switch [Nintendo Switch game console] for this.

Father: You need to save more of your own money because most of them will be spent on basic necessities. Pull yourself together, Caroline, or I won’t give you time until the end of the year. Jokes aside.

Caroline: Whao, I don’t understand why you are so hostile. I always planned to buy Animal Crossing, saving on the rest.

This did not convince the parent, and he remained adamant – dad did not approve of his daughter’s expenses so much that he gave her an ultimatum – refuse to pre-order or move out of the parental home.

Struck by such categoricalness, Caroline asked the editors for advice on how to act in this position.

In the comment section, she described her family issues.

When a user asked her ” It’s insane enough they are tracking your bank account/money use.”

She replied ” everyone in my family has their banks connected to his bc “its easier to transfer money” everyone always tells me to get a separate one but I’m literally too afraid to do that ” “I doubt that I can play Animal Crossing – my father continues to withdraw the bulk of my salary from my account, leaving me $ 13 [about 870 rubles] for two weeks.

Caroline admitted that she feels like a hostage in her father’s house and does not know how to behave with him now. Another student from the USA fell into a similar situation – he forgot to lower the toilet seat and got serious problems because his mother saw the manifestation of illegal habits in this behavior.

Note: We’ll share here her island on March 8. Stay tuned with us. Bookmark this page.

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