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A new project from Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima may be announced shortly



Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima's studio

Game designer Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions studio may soon make some kind of announcement regarding its next project. Information about this was shared by art director Yoji Shinkawa in a conversation with the Arabic YouTube channel Al Hub.

Yoji Shinkawa is a Japanese artist. He is best known as the lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear franchise

As part of the conversation, the host of Al Hub asked Shinkawa what Hideo Kojima’s team is up to now, after the release of Death Stranding. The artist’s answer was quite transparent:

“Yes, we are really working on something. And, probably, we will be able to publicly disclose our plans very soon,” said Yoji Shinkawa.

It’s important to note that Shinkawa’s wording can be interpreted in different ways.

The secret announcement could conceal a full-fledged new game from Kojima Productions, which entered an active production phase last fall, or something completely different, such as an extended edition of Death Stranding for PlayStation 5, which insiders have previously told us about.

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