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Cyberpunk 2077: Developer Leaving Makes Headlines, But What Is It?



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On March 22, 2021, developer Andrzej Zawadzki announced his departure from CD Projekt Red on Twitter. He stayed loyal to the studio for eight years and now, as Zawadzki says, it’s time for a new adventure. You can still find his little farewell speech including thanks on Twitter:

A day later, the headlines piling up on the Internet. CD Projekt and especially Cyberpunk 2077 would have lost an essential developer. In the reports, it often sounds like Zawadzki is an immensely important personality behind the scenes. But what does Zawadzki’s departure really mean for Cyberpunk 2077, whose long-awaited patch 1.2 should appear in the next few days?

That was Zawadzki’s role on CD Projekt Red

Zawadzki worked for CD Projekt Red for eight years and passed through many stations there. Starting as a QA tester in 2013, he worked his way through the ranks over the next few years. From tester to QA analyst, from analyst to gameplay designer and RPG coordinator. His last stop was the role of lead gameplay designer in Cyberpunk 2077.

You should know Zawadzki was the leading designer in the field of gameplay. In this role, Zawadzki was responsible for installing skills and balancing. Previously, he was also involved in RPG mechanics and items.

However, Zawadzki is better known to some gamers than most developers, as he talked about death threats he and other CD Projekt Red developers received on Twitter after one of the many Cyberpunk 2077 postponements.

Even when CD Projekt was hit by a hacking attack, there was a lot of hatred and malice on the Internet.

That means the departure for Cyberpunk 2077

Companies and employees only know what the exact background for Zawadzki’s decision is. However, there is currently no reason to assume that there is bad blood or that Zawadzki is even dissatisfied with the state of Cyberpunk 2077. On Twitter, he thanks his colleagues a lot more and underpins all of this with a screenshot from the game.

It cannot be assumed that Zawadzki’s departure will leave an irreplaceable gap. He certainly had an important role as a lead gameplay designer, but also one that is more important during development than after the release. It is by no means atypical that developers, who are needed in the early phases of development, leave a project after the release. Especially since after eight years Zawadzki could also – as he says – look for a new challenge.

For the future, therefore, it cannot be assumed that the departure of CDPR will cause a problem with future updates or extensions for Cyberpunk 2077.

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