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A very special Animal Crossing: New Horizons item – how to get it



A very special Animal Crossing: New Horizons item - how to get it

Here we bring you information about a very special item that is hidden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is a product that can be obtained as you progress through the game and that many fans will surely want to get their hands on. As this can be obtained after progressing quite a bit, we leave you with the details below the spoiler image.

The ocarina is one of the most representative instruments in The Legend of Zelda saga (to the point of appearing in the title of one of the best-rated games), but it will be good to know that you can also get it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Want to know how? Well, the answer is in the following video from YouTube user MonkeyKingHero. In a nutshell, to get it, you’ll need to make some progress in building the resident toilet as shown in the short film and acquire the project so you can learn how to make it. Then go to the workbench, and with 5 clay you can have your own ocarina.

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