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AC: New Horizons has sold 10 million digital copies worldwide



AC: New Horizons has sold 10 million digital copies worldwide

Animal Crossing New Horizons continues its unstoppable advance by 2020 with a new record figure in the digital market. The title has already exceeded 10 million copies sold in this format.

It’s been a few months since Animal Crossing New Horizons came to Nintendo Switch. Seen with perspective, this installment has managed to revitalize the saga and bring the most attractive version of Animal Crossing to the hybrid console.

Since its launch in March, Animal Crossing New Horizons has always been in the top sales of all countries and has made records, positioning itself as one of the clear candidates for the best launch of 2020.

The island life simulator has reached over ten million digital copies sold, according to Famitsu. A scandal figure that once again reflects the overwhelming affection it has had on the part of the fan community and all the new players who have come to the saga.

But what has caused Animal Crossing New Horizons to sell so much in digital format? Of course, there are many variables, but we remember that the title was launched in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, something that could have made many users decide to buy the title digitally because many stores were closed.

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