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Okami’s sequel is mentioned again in new Ikumi Nakamura statements



Okami's sequel is mentioned again in new Ikumi Nakamura statements

The Okami sequel could end up becoming a reality if Capcom decides to make the dreams of Ikumi Nakamura come true, a developer who has been very supportive of continuing this franchise.

Many years have passed since Okami was released on PS2. Despite this, the Capcom franchise has managed to stay in good shape over time thanks to the relaunches in HD on various platforms of this current generation.

Over time, Okami has become a cult title well-liked by the community, something that has made many players demand a continuation of the story and formula that we were able to enjoy long ago. Although there is nothing ready yet, there are already those who support the development of a sequel.

Ikumi Nakamura, who has already worked on the first Okami, has once again shown himself in favor of developing new work. The always charismatic developer wants to make Okami 2 if Capcom allows it and has been talking about it in an interview with IGN.

Nakamura says that this title is his ” dream project ” and that, once the worst of the current crisis is over, he wants to develop the title if Capcom gives the green light. In the interview, he commented that he sees great options for this to happen, but for everything to be carried out optimally, there would have to be a primary requirement.

The development team for this sequel would have to be the same that gave life to the first game. Therefore, Hideki Kamiya should be the director of the sequel. However, Kamiya is currently directing the new Platinum Games, the so-called Project GG. Therefore, we may have to wait a while.

This is not the first time Okami 2 has been mentioned. In fact, Kamiya already starred in ambitious statements a couple of months ago. ” Okami 2, Scalebound, Devil May Cry 0, I want to do it all! “

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