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AC Valhalla can be completed without donating, stop hailing it!



AC Valhalla can be completed without donating, stop hailing it!

Why have you dug into poor Ubisoft, the game is completely passable without donation, and no one forces you to buy clothes, that’s enough already! The game was released and on release, many passed it in 60+ hours, without investing a dime beyond the legal sixty bucks! So?

No, f**k that

The mechanics of squeezing do not work as crudely as you imagine. No one is going to force you into a shop, that would be an extremely stupid decision that would just cause an avalanche of hatred. For now, it works on a more subtle level.

You start playing the game, and you even like it. It’s not a bad story, and the sides are nice and playable. Here’s 10+ hours later you are already all dressed in junk clothes and strong as an ox. Your character you like, you already associate yourself with him a little. You want to get dressed up properly. Slowly the thought creeps in that would have to find a normal set, but what is it, all faceless crap some fall out.

And the faceless shit is quite a conscious decision of the artists. Standard sets that you get for free have to be ugly to make donated sets look even more fucked up. Isn’t this a manipulation? Look how pretty it is:

Not like your starter shit, is it? Well, you won’t get it for free, sorry.

Experience boosters

You don’t need them, do you? The game is easy to play without them, isn’t it? It’s purely a convention, doesn’t affect anything. For fools. Question is, why the fuck do they even exist?

It’s simple – you’re being taught to use the litter box. You’re accustomed to the fact that these boosters are there, that they MUST be there, and that you can’t play games without them. This is how the Overton Window shifts – boosters are no longer perceived by your mind as something bad.

Today they’re just there, and the fact they’re there doesn’t really interfere with getting through the game but wait. A couple more parts of Assassins will come out and the screws will gradually tighten – without boosters it’s going to get harder and harder.

For a lot of people the fact that boosters are already the norm – I can see it with my own eyes from the comments. People no longer see anything wrong with it. Do you know what this means? The Overton Window has already moved.

The upshot of all this rant

Don’t think Ubisoft is going to stop there. They will tighten the screws step by step, making monetization even tougher. And the people who buy their games are to blame. And especially the people who buy the fucking in-game shop rubbish are to blame. I don’t know who these people are, but their actions are absolutely destructive to the gaming industry.

Microtransactions seem to bring in a lot of money. A lot more than your friends defending in-game donation but not buying anything there. At some point in these games, you’ll just be the masses, and the jobs will work exclusively for the “whales”. You’re just a mass of nerds who are willing to fuck around without donation no matter what the inconvenience and the smell of pissants under their noses. You’re good, but Ubisoft doesn’t need you. They need whales, and their whole policy makes it clear that they are going to push hard in that direction.

I used to like Ubisoft games a lot, which is why I hate so much what the company has become now. I remember with warm nostalgia the times when their games were just cool story adventures about Altair, Ezio, and even Unity feels so much cooler now – compared to the junk that’s coming out now.

I look at what the current Ubisoft has become and the rage in my chest is so great that there isn’t enough chamomile tea in the world to calm it down. Somehow.

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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