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Activision Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for illegal poaching of the financial director



Activision Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for illegal poaching of the financial director

Activision Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Netflix due to the fact that in 2019, the online movie theater lured Spencer Newmann, the publisher’s Financial Director. The publisher accused Netflix of intentionally interfering with contractual relations, unfair competition, and aiding in the violation of fiduciary duties (that is, related to asset management).

Spencer Newmann was the financial Director of Activision Blizzard from May 2017 to January 2019, after which the company fired him for his “failure to fulfill legal obligations” to it.

By this, Activision Blizzard was referring to Newman’s negotiations to move to Netflix, which violated His contract with the publisher. In May 2017, Newman signed a three—year contract with Activision Blizzard with the possibility of a one-year extension-and worked for less than two years since Netflix poached him in negotiations in the fall of 2018.

Netflix lures talented employees without any scruples, ignoring both ethical and legal obligations. Acting only out of self — interest, Netflix ruthlessly fires its employees — and considers this approach “reasonable”-and poaches top managers from its competitors, regardless of their contractual obligations.

from Activision Blizzard’s lawsuit against Netflix

According to Activision Blizzard, Reed Hastings, co-founder, and head of Netflix was actively involved in the poaching of Spencer Newman. As a result, Newman became Netflix’s chief financial officer immediately after being fired from Activision Blizzard. By December 2020, he remained in this position.

Activision Blizzard in its lawsuit noted that during the period when Netflix lured Spencer Newman, it was in talks with an online movie theater about commercial cooperation to distribute its media content.

This is not the first time Netflix has been accused of poaching employees from competitors — in 2016, the Fox Studio filed a lawsuit against the online cinema for this reason, and in 2018, the ViacomCBS media conglomerate.

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