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Age of Wonders 4: Faction Creation Guide



Age of Wonders 4: Faction Creation Guide

Age of Wonders 4 is a new Strategy 4X Game that will allow players to make their own Faction/Society and lead them to victory in one of the pre-created Realms or Custom Realms. Age of Wonders 4 offers new tactical combat mechanics, city building & management, and tons of customization options that can be used to build any kind of faction.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create a faction in Age of Wonders 4.

Faction Creation System

The Faction Creation System allows players to build a whole new faction of their choice. It does contain the option of pre-created Factions but you can create your own army of various traits. With the help of the customization options, you can build any type of faction you like. We will go through all of the steps one by one that you have to choose to create your faction.

Physical Form

The very first step that you will get to see is to select a Physical Form for your Faction. When you select the option “Create Faction”, you will be given the following Physical Forms from which you can select one for your Faction.

  • Human
  • Elfkin
  • Orcoid
  • Dwarfkin
  • Halfling
  • Goblinoid
  • Feline
  • Ratkin
  • Toadkin
  • Molekin

These are the 10 Physical Forms through which you can choose one and each of the Physical Form has certain traits which gives them certain bonuses. You can see through all of the Physical Forms to see which you find the most appealing for your society.

Faction Creation System

Body Trait & Mind Trait

The Body Trait and the Mind Trait are the two traits for each of the Physical Forms. These Traits are automatically applied to the Physical Forms but worry not because you can change both of these Traits on any Physical Form. There are 14 Body Traits and 14 Mind Traits. You can access the respective Trait by pressing the designated button and you will be able to select the one you like for your Faction. Make sure to read the bonuses that each of the traits gives to make a more efficient choice for your faction.

Race: Culture

After confirming your Physical Form and Traits, you will get to select the Race/Culture of your Faction. There are 6 different Races/Cultures from which you can choose one.

  • Feudal
  • Barbarian
  • Industrious
  • High
  • Dark
  • Mystic

Each of the Races/Cultures offers unique bonuses, recruitable units, research options, and Affinity Points. The Affinity Points are marked in front of the Race/Culture so, you will get the idea of which Affinity Points you will get by selecting a Race/Culture. You can read all of the Bonuses, Recruitable Units, and Research Options by highlighting the Races/Cultures. Select the one according to the Faction you want to make. If you want to make Melee Army then go for Barbarian or if you want to go for Mage Army then go for Shadow or Mystic.

faction creation age of Wonders 4

Society Traits

After selecting the Race/Culture of your Faction, you will be given 2 Trait Points to select any 2 Society Traits from the list. The Society Traits are divided by Affinities and there will be 3 Traits from each Affinity. There are 6 Affinities in total, making them a total of 18 Society Traits. You can choose any 2 Traits from any Affinity. It does not matter that you have created a warrior and you are selecting a trait from Shadow Affinity. It all matters to what bonuses you are getting from the Traits.

Tomes of Magic

After spending both of the Trait Points in Society Traits for your Faction, you will be taken to the next screen which is Tomes of Magic. Tomes of Magic is the Spell Books of each Affinity that you can select and unlock throughout the game. However, at the creation of your Faction, you will be allowed to select your first Tome of Magic. There will be 12 different Tomes of Magic in total from all Affinities and you can choose anyone. It is best to choose the Tome of Magic from the same affinity of your Race/Culture because you will get more bonuses and will unlock new spells from Researching the Tomes of Magic later in the game.


After selecting a Tome of Magic, you will get to the next screen where you will get to select the Ruler of your Faction/Society. You will get the following two options from which you can select anyone.

  • Champion
  • Wizard King

Now, you can choose anyone but it all comes down to the choices you have made up till now. If you are going for a faction of normal Melee Army then the best option would be Champion. If you are going for a faction of Mages and Necromancers then the best option would be Wizard King. Both of the options offer certain bonuses for the respective type of Society.

faction creation age of wonders 4


After selecting the Ruler, you will get to the next screen where you can customize your Ruler as well as your Race. You can customize both of them with various Customization Options. Make sure to customize them in a way that they represent the Faction you wanted to create to get the full experience. You can change the Body, Head, and Outfit of your Ruler and Race. There are a ton of customization options in each of the customization types so make sure to spend some time on the customization of your Faction.


Once you have done with the customization, you will get to the last screen where you will get to select the Title for your Faction and the name of the Ruler of your Faction. After selecting the options, you will be able to enter a Realm that you can claim by leading your army to victory throughout the whole realm.

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