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Age of Wonders 4: How to Do Victory



Age of Wonders 4: How to Do Victory

Age of Wonders 4 is a new 4X Strategy Game that will allow you to create your own Society, develop your own Cities and Provinces, and then lead them to victory in the selected Realm. Now, the question remains how do you actually WIN in Age of Wonders 4? Claiming the other Provinces and Ancient Wonders do increase your progress but you don’t get the Victory Screen. It is because you have to accomplish certain conditions in order to do Victory in the Realm.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Victory in Age of Wonders 4.

All Victory Conditions

Winning in Age of Wonders 4 can be done by completing any Victory Condition in the game. Yes, you have to become victorious of the selected realm but you can only do that by fulfilling any Victory Condition. There are 4 different Victory Conditions that players can fulfill throughout their run in the Realm.

  • Military Victory
  • Expansion Victory
  • Magic Victory
  • Score Victory

All of these victory methods lead to Victory in the Realm. You can choose to fulfill any type of Victory Condition to come out as Victorious in the Realm against the Ais or Real Players.

Military Victory Condition

Military Victory Condition is the basic idea of dominating your enemies in the Realm. You will have to conquer all of the other Empires in the Realm. You need to use your army and brute force to banish your enemies into the Void and conquer their Thrones City. By doing this, all of the other Empires will be removed from the Realm and you will stand out as Victorious.

You can also do Military Victory by becoming the Overlord of the other Empires. If you wish not to banish the other empires, you can make them your Vassals. By doing that, you will block other empires from taking part in any Diplomacy and all the other provinces and cities that they will conquer will be credited to you. Once all of the other empires become your Vassals, you will be declared Victorious.

Expansion Victory Condition

The Expansion Victory Condition requires you to control a certain number of Provinces and Cities under your control. You will have to claim other cities and provinces by expanding your domain. Once you have claimed a certain number of provinces and cities, you will be able to build a “Beacon of Unity” in the claimed provinces. You need to build 3 Beacons of Unity in different provinces and light the beacons.

By doing that, a number of hostile armies will spawn to destroy the beacons. You will have to defend the Beacons for 15 Turns and once you have protected all of the beacons, you will be declared Victorious.

Magic Victory Condition

The Magic Victory Condition is a bit similar to the Expansion Victory. The difference is that you don’t have to expand your domain over half of the Realm, you need to claim the other provinces and cities in which you have to build the following Province Improvements.

  • Seed
  • Root
  • Heart

All three of these Nodes unlock from high-tier Tomes of Magic. The Seed Node is unlocked from Tier III Tome of Magic, Root Node is unlocked from Tier IV Tome of Magic, and the Heart Node is unlocked from Tier V Tome of Magic. You need to build all three of these nodes in different cities and once you have done that, the final ritual will start which will lead you to victory.

However, you would still have to protect each Node from the Hostile Armies for 15 Turns. Once you have protected them for 15 turns, you will be declared Victorious.

Score Victory Condition

The Score Victory Condition is the simplest condition that only requires the Highest Score among all of the other players in the Realm. As each of the Realm has a certain number of Turns and when that limit is reached, the game will automatically declare the victorious with the highest Score. The score is increased by performing well in the Military, Diplomatic, Economy, Expansion, and Research aspects of the game.

Now, that you know how to do Victory in Age of Wonders 4, select the victory condition that you feel most confident in and dominate the other empires in the Realm to stand out as Victorious.

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