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Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Fuse for Witch’s Hut



Alan Wake 2: Get the Lights Working in the Witch's Hut

Alan Wake 2 is filled with horror and several puzzles throughout the areas that players need to solve either for the main objectives or the collectibles. Solving puzzles is one of the main aspects and one of the early puzzles that players will get to solve is to get the lights working in the Witch’s Hut during Return 2: The Heart chapter while tracking Nightingale at Cauldron Lake.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the fuse for Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2.

Where to Find the Fuse for Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2

The Fusebox is located on the left side of the Witch’s Hut and missing one fuse that you need to find to get the lights working in the Witch’s Hut. There is a fuse near the Witch’s Hut placed in a basket but that fuse will be busted. To find the working fuse, follow the following steps.

  • Go straight from the Fusebox over the bridge to the end of the path, it will be the small path leading to the left side of the Witch’s Hut.
  • As you cross the bridge, you will find a busted fuse meaning you are on the right track.
  • Keep going ahead until you reach a small campsite and go to the left side to find a red barrel with two blue baskets on it.
  • Interact with the basket on the right side to get a working fuse.

Once you have the fuse, go back to the Fusebox and interact with it to place the fuse inside the Fusebox and bring back the lights to the Witch’s Hut. Go inside the Witch’s Hut to investigate it.

The Witch’s Hut is also a Break Room where you can save your progress either by quick save or manual save.

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