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All Elden Ring Classes, Stats, and Attributes



All Elden Ring Classes, Stats, and Attributes

We show you all the classes shown to date in Elden Ring and their statistics or base stats. So you can see which ones represent your style of play the most. Each class has basic capabilities to carry certain weapons or magic. In this case, we have 5 classes and some already well known in the Souls saga.

Charmed Knight51013elevenfifteen121655
bloody Wolf514eleven121612796

Below you also have an explanation of each attribute and what it means to improve it in the game. To raise levels we will need Runes, which would be the souls of the Souls saga and with which we will pay almost everything.


  • Vigor: Determines the HP (Health Points). Influences fire resistance and poison immunity
  • Mind: Determines PC (Energy consumed by spells and abilities). It influences the resistance to concentration.
  • Stamina: Determines resistance. It also influences physical defense power and robustness.
  • Strength: Needed to wield certain heavy weapons. It also increases the attack power of weapons that scale with strength and the maximum load of equipment.
  • Dexterity: Required to wield certain advanced weapons.
  • Wisdom: Needed to cast spells. Increases the magical potency of spells and magic resistance.
  • Faith: Needed for holy enchantments.
  • Arcane: Determines discovery.

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