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Lost Ark: What is the Max Level and how quickly do you reach it?



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Anyone who creates a character in Lost Ark will certainly ask themselves the question: where is the level limit? After all, the level phase in an MMO is usually a real-time waster, and investing one or two hours after work usually doesn’t get you very far.

Not so in Lost Ark. Here you should get to the endgame as quickly as possible in order to tackle the really demanding content together with other players. In addition, your level will be split into a character and an account level. We explain what this is all about in this FAQ.

The level system in Lost Ark

What is the current level cap? When Lost Ark appears in a final version in the West on February 11, 2022, it will be level 55. This cap will of course increase over time as fresh content is added to the game.

How long do I have to play to reach the max level? An exact indication of the hour is of course difficult due to the individual playing style. While one runs through the level phase, some like to look at every stone and leaf and forget the time. Nevertheless, an average can be determined: New players should expect 15 to 20 hours of play to reach the maximum level. But it can also be done much faster: The current record is just under ten hours.

When can I start PvP battles? Anyone who fears that they will only be able to fight PvP battles at the maximum level can breathe a sigh of relief. While this used to be the case in Lost Ark, the developers have now responded to player feedback and unlocked PvP at level 27.

Why should I level up more than one character? The principle of so-called alts in MMOs is well known and is also recommended in Lost Ark. Because a certain number of alternative characters that you can play allows you to unlock endgame content that is behind a time gate faster. These include certain quests that you can only complete once a day per character and instances/raids that you have to wait a few days after completing before you can tackle them again.

Leveling multiple characters allows you to bypass such time limits. It also increases your account level faster. the what? Just keep reading!

What is the difference between an account and character level? In Lost Ark there are two separate level specifications that are relevant to you:

  • The character level: Simple, this is the well-known level of your actively played character. The higher its level, the stronger it is and the better abilities it can use. At level 50, a whole range of endgame content is unlocked.
  • The Account Level: This value increases more slowly and increases as all of your characters level up. Therefore, as mentioned above, playing multiple characters is recommended. Your account level unlocks account-wide bonuses, such as a vitality boost for your characters or crystal chests that grant you more of the valuable in-game currency.

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