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All the bosses of Elden Ring in the closed beta: location and tips to defeat them



All the bosses of Elden Ring in the closed beta: location and tips to defeat them

These are all the bosses that you will be able to find in the Elden Ring closed beta. We tell you their locations and some tips to end them.

The Elden Ring Closed Beta is now available for those who have been able to get a code. If you are one of the lucky ones, you are surely wondering what you can do in this test.

Well, during your walks in the Necrolimbo region you will have the opportunity to face off against a few bosses and minibosses. Since we already had access to this test, here we offer you some help in case you want to get the most out of Elden Ring.

There are a total of 10 great enemies in the Elden Ring closed beta. During your game sessions, you will have the main objective of reaching the Castle of Stormy Veil, but the open world hides many secrets.

Explore everything around you well and just in case you don’t have much time to play, here we leave you the map with each of the locations and the bosses that are in them. We tell you everything you need to know.

map beta elder ring

All the bosses of Elden Ring in the closed beta: where to find them and tips to defeat them

Margit, the Fallen Omen – Main Boss

This is the most complicated boss in the beta and we recommend that you be very careful. Margit, the Fallen Omen is at the entrance to the castle, and to end it you are going to sweat a bit at first.

The first phase of combat is somewhat more sedate and will harass you with very powerful attacks with his staff. You can block or dodge them. If you decide to use the second method, you may hit him more times. We recommend that you be cautious, no more than two strokes when you have the opportunity to give them.

If you get close he can stab you with a golden dagger that he can also throw. A good technique is to prepare a charged attack for when you execute a jump attack, which has less range than you might think.

When you’ve taken half his life, he’ll take a sledgehammer that generates deadly shock waves for a walk and become much, much more aggressive. Feel free to use summons or go multiplayer if you find yourself outmatched.

Flying Dragon Agheel – Secondary Boss

In the swamp of the same name, this dragon will surprise you. Combat is much easier if you call on your mount, as you can better dodge its deadly scorching breath.

If you go on the back of Torrentera you should be able to dodge its wings and bites well. It strikes its legs continuously and when it collapses, it dismounts and performs a critical blow to the head.

Guardian of the Tombs – Secondary Boss

You will find this boss in the catacombs of Stormyfoot. This species of gladiator is downright aggressive, but once you control his attacks you can hit with some regularity.

You must be careful with his fury, as it will make him more powerful at a certain point. The main peculiarity of the fight is that it takes place in a very dark place and sometimes you will not see the blows coming.

Burial Tree Guard Dog – Secondary Boss

In the catacombs of Dark Water, you can find this strange boss. Half sphinx half-cat of good fortune this boss is one of the simplest of the beta.

Their movements are not very difficult to predict and they are robotic. Dodge and hit until he falls. Of course, you will have to be careful with its circular fire breath.

Hound Knight Darriwil – Secondary Boss

You will find this creature in the Desolate Hound’s Eternal Prison located at the top of the plateau (you can access this from the north of the map with Torrentera).

Its design is somewhat intimidating and although it is very fast, we will always recommend that you dodge and dodge, launch a single attack and prepare for its burst of quick blows. It doesn’t have much health, so if you are well equipped, the confrontation will only last a few minutes.

Stone Digger Troll – Minor Boss

At the end of the tunnels of the Necrolimbus, this giant awaits you. It has very similar attacks to the giants that you have surely already encountered, so it is not too demanding combat if you know the guidelines to follow.

Get under him and when he wants to step on you, dodge. It simply consists of avoiding that he does not crush you with his baton, since you will not last long if he catches you in his attack radius.

Pumpkin Head – Secondary Boss

This particular pumpkin-headed boss is found in the Ruined Basement, in one of the destroyed houses in the village. If you are well equipped, this boss should be a mere formality.

Although he may seem slow, be careful with his head butting, as they could catch you off guard and throw you off balance. It is fast despite its size.

Wild Knight and Demi-Human Bosses – Minibosses

The wild knight is found just outside the tutorial area. We know that you are going to fight him as you see him, but you won’t get much of it first unless you are an experienced player.

Since you are in inferiority, wait until you get to Torrentera and fight him on horseback to equalize the situation. If you follow this method, it will be much easier for you to defeat him.

The two demihuman bosses can be found in the Dragon’s Gorge Cave. It is an unfair fight since there are two of them and on top of that they have little minions at their service. Our advice is that you finish with the little ones and then focus on one of the two.

Bloody Finger – NPC Invasion

Although he is not a boss, after passing the swamp bridge (below) you will be invaded by an NPC. Do not be nervous and if you have already spoken with the hunter Yura after defeating the dragon, he will appear to help you in combat.

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