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Amakumo fruit in Genshin Impact: how to farm them, best routes, and everything you need to know



Amakumo fruit in Genshin Impact: how to farm them, best routes, and everything you need to know

We offer you the best locations for you to start kneading a lot of the Amakumo fruit for Genshin Impact, something that will serve as ascension material for a character.

Version 2.1 for Genshin Impact has brought many new features to the game including fishing, but also the possibility of finding a very particular fruit in the Inazuma islands that will allow us to use it as ascension material for a character, and we are going to tell you exactly if it’s good for something else and where to find it.

We’re going to need a large set of Amakumo fruits for Genshin Impact, an ascension material for Baal. As currently, no store in the entire game sells it, you will have to find it in the wild and there are quite a few units that regenerate every 48 hours on the islands.

So put on your best suit, take your most powerful weapons because you will have to go to the new islands of Inazuma.

Amakumo fruit in Genshin Impact: how to farm them, best routes and everything you need to know

Getting the fruit

You have to go to the new Inazuma Islands since it is only found in this region, specifically on Seirai Island south of Narukami Island.

Remember that first you have to complete the Ritou Escape Plan questline, and with this, we can activate a ship that will take us to the islands. Don’t forget to activate the statue of seven once you get to Seirai Island.

Where is the Amakumo fruit

In this map, you can find the arrangement of the Amakumo fruit and we can find it in groups of 2 to 6 plants so that each point you see marked on the map has more than 1 unit.

It appears every 48 hours in real life so you can repeat all these visits every two days to continue picking the fruit.

Try to collect this fruit as far as you can from Amakumo peak to avoid attacks and electric shocks, especially taking advantage of the small islands

that are north or south of the area. You will also find an especially large supply of Amakumo on the large rock to the west of Fort Hiraumi.

Once you have completed the main mission and you have rid yourself of the electricity from this peak, you will be able to collect much more fruit in the central areas of the island since you will no longer be attacked by the thunderstorm.

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