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Genshin Impact: How to Complete Anti-Shogun Raiden Training



Genshin Impact: How to Complete Anti-Shogun Raiden Training

In this way you will be able to overcome the anti-Shogun Raiden training in Genshin Impact, passing each of the phases dodging the attacks.

There are many people who are getting trapped in anti-Shogun Raiden training and do not know very well how to avoid the different attacks of a machine that is in the center of the stage, and it is that during the phases of this test we must perform different actions if we want to overcome it.

Although the anti-Shogun Raiden training seems quite simple, once inside it we will be beaten indefinitely until our character dies, and knowing very well how to go through different phases is not that complicated.

The phases themselves are quite similar, and basically what we must do is a set of dodging movements, and also press a series of orbs or elements so that this training continues to advance and we can overcome it.

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Anti-Shogun Raiden Training

Basically completing the training focuses on avoiding three different attacks in three phases and which are performed by a device that is located in the center of the dome.

The first phase causes the device to surround itself with a kind of electric field and basically cancel it, what you have to do is stay completely on the edge of the dome or this field for a certain duration.

In phase two you have to dodge, and you could also keep the character on the edge of the dome at all times. Of course, when you hear the device making noise, you must quickly dodge to get out of the way before being hit.

The third phase you also have to dodge and is that as the training timer approaches zero, several orbs appear and you must destroy one of these very quickly to avoid being hit by the final movement of the device. Pyro-specialized characters are the best options to break these orbs.

Once you have avoided this final move you will be sent to speak to Yae Miko. This character is very close to where the test was done, and he will ask you to complete a little more training and visit the great Narukami Shrine before ending the mission.

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