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American esports organization is the first in the world to assemble a Fall Guys roster



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The American eSports organization Panda Global has announced the launch of a division for Fall Guys. The first professional line-up for this discipline included streamer Zack Coney Zix, a player of Super Smash Bros. Tyler Marss Martins, champion of A number of rivals of Aether fighting game tournaments under the nickname FullStream and Jaaahsh-Director of logistics at Panda Global.

All four members of the new line – up have previously collaborated with the organization: Coney was the official streamer of the club, and Marss and FullStream performed under its tag at fighting games tournaments. Jaaahsh, in addition to working with logistics, also occasionally played at Super Smash Bros. Championships.

At the moment, the developers of Fall Guys have not announced their intention to turn the game into an eSports discipline. All the tournaments that have already taken place on it were organized by players and streamers. The first professional Fall Guys championship starts on August 28 — it will be held under the auspices of Twitch Rivals, but its format is unknown. The built-in functionality of the game does not allow you to arrange closed matches in it and edit the rules of rounds.

Panda Global roster:

  • Zach Coney Zix;
  • Tyler Marss Martins;
  • FullStream;
  • Jaaahsh.

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