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Players spent 28.5 million hours in the marvel’s Avengers beta test



Spider-Man in Avengers are planning to add to the end of 2021 the year

Users played a total of 28.5 million hours in Marvel’s Avengers during the title’s beta testing. Square Enix announced this in a newsletter.

The developers reported that during the testing period, players destroyed 3.5 billion enemies. Despite this, only 240 thousand users were able to upgrade to the maximum level. The most popular item in the store was an item for Iron Man Chroma Lux — it was bought 640 thousand times.

The marvel’s Avengers beta test took place in three stages over three weekends in August — first for PS4 owners, then for PC and Xbox One users. The game is scheduled for release on September 4. It will be released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Users who pre-order the expanded edition will get access to the title three days earlier.

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