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An object has been blocked in the new Animal Crossing update



An object has been blocked in the new Animal Crossing update

A new update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived on April 28. Version 1.10.0 introduced some events that we had already seen around this time last year, such as International Museum Day and Wedding Season, but these were changed with different rewards and interesting new features. However, one of our trusted members discovered a problem with the update for new players, which would prevent them from receiving a specific item.

One of the main events of the spring season is the May Day Tour, where we can find the friendly Rover and visit from 29 April to 7 May with a special ticket given to us by Tom Nook. A year ago, the same event had Rover’s briefcase as a reward, while this time players will be able to get a photo of him. The problem, however, is that only those who already have the first item will be able to receive the other.

You won’t be able to tackle the maze twice to solve it. The only way to get the item is to not update Animal Crossing to the latest version. Before doing so, you’ll need to change the date in your Nintendo Switch settings to May 1, 2020, after which you’ll be able to experience last year’s event and get the phantom briefcase. Once you’ve done so, return to today’s date and you can safely visit the new maze and then receive Rover’s photo as a reward.

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