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New Pokémon Snap, reviews reveal new information about the game



New Pokémon Snap, reviews reveal new information about the game

New Pokémon Snap has recently been released and the famous Twitter user PokéXperto has shared some new information, taken from the numerous reviews published recently. One interesting piece of information is the game’s duration, which according to the user, will be between 6 and 8 hours.

An important feature of the new title will be a system of side quests. In particular, a character might ask the player to take a picture of a rare Pokémon or a specific location. According to the tweet, these side quests will also provide some photo editing items as rewards.

In New Pokémon Snap, there are also several “Exploration Levels”. This is a value assigned to the player and specific to each path that can be increased by collecting as many photos as possible with the “Diamond” rating. As you raise this level, you can encounter increasingly rare creatures. To unlock new areas in the Lentil region, a certain level of exploration must be reached in the starting areas. Sometimes, however, new areas will be available by performing a specific action on a Pokémon along a route. Once unlocked, the level can be chosen at the start of exploration. In addition, you can always play Level 1 even if you have higher degrees of exploration available.

In the later stages of the game, you will also be able to increase the speed of the NEO-UNO ship, which will be useful when exploring the more advanced levels. Among the new information released about New Pokémon Snap, PokéXperto has shared some photos from the game that show the presence of a mysterious new Pokémon: Shaymin.

While continuing their research, players may also come across some Pokémon and plants that emit a faint glow. This is the strange phenomenon Lumina, which is probably related to a rare Pokémon and which the player should find out more about.

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